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Can MacOSX be installed on a machine that has Windows XP?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) May 23rd, 2008

My brother is trying to do this, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. Can someone tell me the reason why?

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Google Hackintosh & Psystar.

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Yes. You wont be able to get all the drivers working properly but it is possible to install Mac OS X on a PC. Check out the osx86 wiki. Kevbo brings up a good point about the Pystar. They will preinstall leopard for you if you get one of their machines

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Doing this is a violation of Apple’s EULA, so don’t get caught (although I don’t think Apple is actively pursuing these violators at the moment).

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it is possible but I do not recommend it. Apple prohibits it. And sense os x is built for the Internet, it could probably be caught quite easily. It’s possible, but I don’t even know exactly how, because I’ve never even wanted to know. Youtube does have a video on how to do it. Cnet might, too.

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The User experience just wont be the same on a pc. If you just like Apple’s UI, there are plenty of nice programs that can replicate the OS X interface for windows.

yes doing this is a violation of EULA but so is downloading any pirated software on the internet. It hasn’t prevented people from not downloading paid software.

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Just get a mac and install XP on it. Might be easier, I am guessing that you want to be able to keep your pc as well. The problem with emulation on a mac is that most PC games do not play well if at all on a Mac when it is running XP as emulation or even in full boot mode. Cheers and Good Luck on your quest.

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@jkwells It’s my understanding that when you load XP on your Mac in bootcamp (i.e. it’s fully native and not running emulation), then it will run PC games just fine. When you set up bootcamp, your Mac really is a pc, as in it’s exactly like having a dell, HP or whatever (except it’s much more pleasing to the the eye :P).

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Pleasing indeed!

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If OSX is based in Darwin, which is a flavor of linux, Would a PC’s ability to run Darwin successfully be a bellweather as to if it could run OSX?

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