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What have you accidentally discovered recently that you can share with the group?

Asked by Bri_L (12219points) July 1st, 2009

Thanks to my shaky hands I just found out I can open my play list folders in iTunes in another window. Never knew it.

Now there is documentation for all kinds of stuff but not many of us have the time to read it all. So, help a Fluther out.

What have you found?

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You win the internet with the line, “help a Fluther out.”

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I have a iTunes one too. I found that I can drag a song name from iTunes into iChat to send the mp3.

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i found out that using google reader is way more efficient then reading a lot of different sites, especially with starring and searching, wow, i’m saving a lot of time and i can acces it everywhere i go, i can even read all my blogs on the train on my G1

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I found an app called Papaya that can help me send some files to some of my relatives that are afraid of bittorrent.

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@Grisaille I know. I think he specifically asked this just to use that line..clever.

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I learned that some country music is really good.

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Pulling someone’s finger at work while he’s in your office is a bad idea, damn it, that guy smells like a decomposing moose on a hot afternoon…

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I learned that hotel mirrors are distorted :(

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I learned the iTunes upgrade was never gonna be free so I had to take matters into my own hands

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@Clair I’m as surprised as you are, but there’s some good stuff out there. Not Garth Brooks or George Strait or any of those folks though. Theres some alternative stuff derived from country which is really good.

Under the right circumstances, a well played slide guitar is some seriously good stuff.

Check out an album by Ween called “12 Golden Country Greats”.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Interesting find. Much more tolerable than Randy Travis. (shudders)

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Old 97’s are good too. And maybe I’ll go see Ween in august. They are actually coming to Humboldt, and are pretty good.

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@Clair Even though 12 Golden Country Greats only has 10 tracks, they have 12 tracks worth of “awesome” packed into those 10. Download it and impress your friends.
and let us never speak of Randy Travis again

@dverhey It’s worth a trip. It seems appropriate enough that they’d play in Humboldt.

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Yeah. It’s kinda funny, sold out already… And it’s more than 2 months away.

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A plain bagel with cream cheese is a cheap yet satisfying lunch. I thought only eggs could do that!

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I found that keeping your old sneakers for cutting the grass saves on buying new shoes.

I found that dancing with the devil takes on a whole new meaning when you are married to one.

I found that eating brownies and drinking root beer (together) gives me heart burn.

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I found that the more I promise not to be on fluther all night the more I am!!!

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quick someone give me some more lurve I’ve got 666 surely thats not good ;)

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@Grisaille – Thanks for the lurve on the “help a Fluther out” except your getting all of it! :-)

@johnpowell- very cool!

I was really hoping for more stuff like this.

Not that I am not excited for the rest!

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You rock!

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thanks guys phew that was close xx

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I absorbed my twin while in the womb.

i have a tooth that started growing out of my elbow

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@dverhey You’ll find out why the show sold out so early when you go. Check Craigslist.

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I found out that there is more to selecting text with your mouse that I ever thought possible. I now can copy & paste much faster and more accurately!


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@realmeister – that web site RULES!

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i found this site, it’s awesome !

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@iwamoto – I wasn’t sure what to expect…. hehe

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