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What, other than (regular) food, would you want to put your teeth in? [Details inside].

Asked by rebbel (33424points) March 1st, 2012

“Kerry Treblicock Has Eaten 4,000 Sponges And 100 Bars Of Soap” link
Kerry suffers from Pica, a disorder that ”is characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive (such as clay or chalk).
Imagine, for a bit, that you had Pica; what what your prefered ‘food’ be?
For me it would be candles.
Or panties.

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Oh come on. How many guys were thinking the same thing.

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I already “sink my teeth into” my husband quite frequently, does that count? I like the taste of blood… yes I know I’m weird.

@Adirondackwannabe Dude… really? That was uncalled for. You stay away from my poor, innocent cats.

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Pens the non-writing side

Nails Prior to hanging a picture

Needles whilst I sew

There’s a reality show called My Strange Addiction. One lady eats Comet cleanser, another eats nail polish….yet another, foam. I cannot watch this show :/ EDIT:sorry I posted the wrong link before. Check out this one

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“Play-Do” (modeling compound)
“Silly Putty”
Wine bottle cork.

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Rubber cement

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Styrofoam takeout containers

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I would probably drink my lotions. I gagged a little as I wrote that.

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Just something about anodized aluminum that says, “bite me!”

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Balloons, once they pop, you can’t st…...oh-ho, wrong product.

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Um…can’t think of anything weird I put in my mouth, or would want to but, I would get in a car with a stranger if they flashed me a cheesecake. Want some cheesecake little girl…lol

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Art gum erasers.

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Probably a glass on the nightstand one day.

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