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How much should I tip a pizza guy?

Asked by danigyrrl (1points) May 23rd, 2008
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I usually tip them about 15%. It’s a hard, crappy job that does not pay well.

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we usually tip $2 or $3

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10% ish. Its the expected/accepted amount here.

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4$ unless I order a ridiculous amount of food then 15–20% depending on how quick he gets there.

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When I tip, I consider what weather they were driving in, how far they drove, how fast they got here, and how much I ordered. If it seemed like a difficult trek or they came very quickly, I’ll give about $4. If it was an easy delivery or they came late, I’ll give about $3. I usually won’t give any less than that, but if they did a crappy job, I’ll give $2 and whatever change was necessary to round up the bill to the nearest buck.

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Example – order costs $18—then you tip $2.70—$3.60

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I’ll tip 15%, then round the whole tab + tip up to the next whole dollar, then add $1. Just makes life a little simpler for me and slightly better for the delivery guy. Sometimes he gets an extra $1.80 (above the 15%), sometimes only an extra $1.15.

Times are tough all over. Seems like the least I can do.

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I work/worked for a pizzeria that delivered, and TRUST ME – drivers will work harder to get you your food faster if you’re a good tipper. I know drivers that will take deliveries out of order just because they know the person is a good customer and a good tipper. If they know you won’t tip well, or sometimes not tip at all, they really aren’t as concerned. Drivers are like waiters and waitresses; they are paid under minimum wage and expected to make up the difference in tips. It is a hard, crappy job, they spend a lot on gas, and they are working for those tips. 18–20% is generally what I tip when I get delivery, a little extra if it’s particularly quick. Also, if there is a delivery charge, be advised that drivers generally don’t receive any of it. The place I work has a 2.50 charge, and only .50 goes to the driver, supposedly to make up for gas. Last thing: tip better if the weather is particularly crappy (pouring rain, snow, ESPECIALLY ICE) because this is when there are the most delivery orders, and it is even harder to find your house and get to it.

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I agree with the answers here, I always tip the pizza guy at the minimum 20%. If my order is say fifteen and some change, I give him a 20 and usually meet him/her outside, so the dog doesn’t chew his/her leg off.

A friend of mine was a pizza delivery guy, and he told me some really bad stories about cheap tippers.

I always tip the pizza guy well, he knows where I live, LOL

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