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Malware removal help, please?

Asked by noservice (333points) March 2nd, 2012

I got infected with this malware that pretty much hijacks my Firefox browser and redirects it to this site called Bucksbee Mall or something and the website seems to be something like s3.amazonaws? When I Google search “amazonaws malware” most sites claim that it’s incredibly pervasive and I’m not sure what to do. Can anyone please help? I’ve already tried to remove the offending programs on Add or Remove programs and from Firefox, but to no avail. I own a PC and the operating system is Windows 7.

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Your antivirus software should be able to handle it. Do a boot scan with your antivirus. If you don’t have AV, download Avast Home (it’s free). Then do a boot scan. Another suggestion is to download Spybot—it will probably find and remove it too. It’s also free. Good luck. I’m not a pro, just a struggling PC user. :)

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Download super anti spyware portable and give that a whirle if the AV isn’t working. It’s a good idea to double check afterwards too with another proggy.

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Malware is such a drag. My wife had it on her desktop and it takes time to get rid if it, prepare yourself. Here is an article on addressing the malware you describe. It appears to be a lot of work, so you may wish to do more research for is a simpler solution. Good luck.

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Do some research on this, it claims to remove the Malware you have: SpyNoMore

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Run Malwarebytes scroll down for free version.

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I’ve had the most luck with AVG antivirus and Spybot S&D. Good luck!

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I got my only virus on a PC ever with AVG; I switched to Avira and haven’t had a problem since. Most comparative tests I’ve seen tell me I made the right choice.

On the spyware side, I use Spybot. Again, no problems since I switched.

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There’s also a drastic option if your machine is still fairly new. Try what everyone else said first. But if you can’t remove the virus, you can reinstall windows from scratch. There’s usually a “secret” key combo that will do this when your machine first turns on. On my machine it’s ALT-F10. Of course, you should back up your MyDocuments and porn collection to an external USB hard drive before you reinstall Windows. Then run a virus scan against that drive before you restore everything or access anything on it. Be very careful with this last step, or you’ll end up putting the virus back on your machine, too.

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I never got any virus’s with microsoft security essentials, in my entire time having it, i have had 1–2 virus’s. If that didn’t detect any, and i saw obvious signs of a virus i installed malwarebytes and that got rid of them.

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Run your antivirus software to scan the computer. There might be a malicious plug-in on your PC which cause the browser redirect.

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