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What do you think of the Boycott Limbaugh's sponsors drive?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) March 2nd, 2012

Sandra Fluke, a graduate student at Georgetown University, testified before Congress regarding the impact on women’s health and particularly on cancer prevention when women are denied access to contraceptive medication. She said NOTHING about her own personal sex life.

Rush Limbaugh attacked her on his show in ways that are purely obscene. His claims about what she had said were utterly false, but of course, his audience will be largely ignorant of that fact. When confronted on the issue, Limbaugh did not apologize. He either chose to remain ignorant of the facts regarding her testimony, or deliberately went on air to lie and slander her and even her parents.

This has sparked a viral movement to petition Limbaugh’s sponsors to drop their advertising on Limbaugh’s show or face a boycott of their products. Women make or influence the buying decisions of 90% of American consumer spending, so advertisers ignore their voices at their own peril. Pressure is also being applied to Clear Channel, Rush’s radio network, to cancel his show.

Rush has used this misogynistic formula before to try to silence any woman who publicly voices opinions that aren’t far-right wing. But in this instance he’s taken it to a new level of vitriol. And Bill O’Reilly just jumped on the drugster’s band wagon. Other right-wing talk shows have followed suit. Should it be OK to go on air and use lies and slander to defame any woman whose politics you disagree with? Or do you think Limbaugh, O’Reilly and the other talking heads who refuse to inform themselves of the facts or deliberately lie should be targeted by the boycott movement?

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A large number of Limbaugh’s advertisers have already dropped the show.

I am hoping that the law student sure Limbaugh for slander. She was not a public figure.

He is appalling. He would be squealing like a stuck pig if his insurance did not pay for his Viagra.

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This is just the kind of publicity Limbaugh likes, look at all the reactions! He’s like Howard Stern and just says things to get noticed. No other real thinking goes into anything he says. The good thing is that he has really ballooned in size. Considering his weight, nasty personality, and the fact that he smokes cigars, he won’t be around much longer to pollute the airways and people’s thoughts.

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I think people with any common sense don’t listen to Limbaugh. I know stupid when I hear it so I don’t tune in.
As for the man himself, I’m willing to bet he really isn’t as obnoxious as he pretends to be. Bet most nights he goes home and makes sure he brings home the milk or he will catch hell. Sits in his underwear with a bowl of popcorn as he watches Revenge and complains about how Amanda is making her revenge too personal. Why would anyone want to be mean to the beautiful Victoria?
Then he looks over his bills and smiles at the big bank deposit he got in his account for the recent attacks.

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I will back the boycott. He is pathetic.

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I dunno, I think he raises a good point. Students don’t have to screw around. I came late to this party; the original issue has become difficult to find amid all of the fallout. If anybody could provide a link to the original, pre-Limbaugh story, that would be much appreciated.

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On the one hand, I hate Limbaugh. But on the other hand, I don’t really think this was actually much worse than his normal, and I’m confused as to why companies would sponsor him before this if they didn’t agree with his politics. It’s not news that Rush is a raging misogynist; he’s made his entire career on being a giant bigot.

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@marinelife Yes, four major sponsors have dropped him and four more are considering doing so. That’s what finally did Glenn Beck in. He got so outrageous no boycott petition was needed. Companies didn’t want their brand associated with him, and it began to cost Fox too much to keep his show on the air without advertising support.

@Ron_C I doubt he likes losing a load of sponsprs and becoming toxic to brands. That’s a death knell for a talking head.

@chyna Good for you. I already signed the petition.

@Pandora He may well be a decent guy when he isn’t doing his shtick. MSNBC’s Lawerence O’Donnell is decidedly liberal but he had great things to say about Andrew Breitbart after he passed away. But the public Limbaugh and the public Breitbart need to be confronted. Lies that destroy good people and good organizations have to be exposed. We saw in Nazi Germany where Big Lie politics leads. I don’t think many Americans want to go there.

@Nullo I posted a link to the original C-SPAN coverage of Sandra Fluke’s testimony in the Congressional hearing. I posted a link to what Rush claimed she said. If you listen to both, you will know Rush is either as ignorant of the facts as you admit to being, but is claiming to be prepared to inform 20 million listeners; or he is flat out lying.

@Aethelflaed No, his misogyny isn’t new. But he generally directs his attacks public figures like politicians and journalists, who have a platform from which to fight back. In this case, he has wildly distorted the words of a graduate student in law at Georgetown University. He has slandered her, calling her a slut and a prostitute; and suggesting that she should post pornographic videos for him to enjoy. This goes far beyond his usual puking in America’s ears.

Rush isn’t “Just an entertainer.” After the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994, the GOP made him an honorary member of congress. He is the spiritual and intellectual leader of today’s GOP. When such notables as RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Congressman Phil Gingrey, Governor Mark Sanford and many more have had to kowtow to Rush when they had the temerity to suggest something he said might have been inaccurate or a bit of hyperbole. Either he speaks for the Republican Party, or they need to develop the spine to tell him to his face he does not. They can no longer have it both ways.

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This man is an embarrassment to broadcasters everywhere. The fact he is worthy of airtime in America is astounding. He is a troll of the highest troll standing. About time everyone stopped feeding him. I am very much for petitioning sponsors. How anyone would want their name associated with his is also astounding.
This is what happens when you keep feeding your trolls:

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I listened to that testimony—sounded to me like San Fran Nan bought it. I have no trouble ignoring Rush when he gets on a rampage. Why can’t others?

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@Nullo and @Aethelflaed So you think it is OK for a man to call a young woman by name a slut and a prostitute just because he can in a public forum? That that man should not have any consequences?

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@marinelife@Aethelflaed is saying anything Rush Duschbag says is NOT OK and has never been OK and wonders why and how he gets sponsorship in the first place. (go back and re read his answer.) @Nullo is speaking his mind before he knows the facts. surprise surprise

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@Nullo There are many reasons to take birth control pills that do not include preventing pregnancy. At age 18, I had to start on birth control as I was having my period anywhere from 21 to 25 days a month and I was not sexually active. Really, who wants to be when you’re bleeding all the time? It is also a way to prevent the growth of cycsts on a females ovaries.

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@Nullo pills that regulate female hormones aren’t always prescribed for the effect of stopping pregnancy. It is like saying, testicular issues in men shouldn’t be covered by insurance companies. Also, pregnancy is VERY MUCH a health issue. How is that NOT? and how is that a bunch of men’s business, other than my husband’s?

This is nothing more than a witch hunt and a bunch of men wanting to go back and live in the dark ages where women had no more rights that the horses in the stables and if speaking out about this makes me a Feminazi, so be it, because according to Rush, wanting to be treated like a human being is just like invading Poland.

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@marinelife No, I was saying (as @cazzie so correctly pointed out) that getting Rush on ‘slut’ is a bit like getting Capone on tax evasion.

Have I really ever said anything else on Fluther to make you think I’m ok with calling young women sluts? Ever?

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@Aethelflaed I was a little surprised.

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Rush is an ass, Sandra Fluke should sue him, he’s losing advertisers and hopefully will lose his bully pulpit.

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@cazzie Troll indeed. The man even looks the part. Great video link, BTW. :-)

@MollyMcGuire Nice try, but El Rushbo is the de facto leader of the Republican party. As disgusting as his fat, cellulite pocked butt is, Republicans who cross him have to genuflect and kneel behind him to worshipfully kiss his pucker. He speaks to 20 million devoted listeners a day. And in 1994 when the GOP captured Congress, they recognized the role Rush played by making him an honorary member of congress. So the “he’s just an entertainer, ignore him” BS doesn’t fly.

@“marinelife“ Reasonable riposte.

@chyna That is all that Ms. Fluke testified about before Congress. Rush’s contention that she wanted taxpayers to bear her insurance costs for having sex were a total fabrication he pulled out of his own big but. Some people have to eat their words. It’s time for Rush to eat his turds.

@cazzie I have to agree with you. This is really the GOP appeal to the old white men’s club and the misogynistic idea to keep ‘em barefoot and pregnant. It’s about authoritarian men that want total power over women. And despite all their small government rheotirc, they are perfectly willing to have the government policing every bedroom and inserted into every womb so they can achieve that end.

@Aethelflaed They did get Capone, though. Limbaugh and Michael Savage and Fox News and all the rest of the vast right-wing noise machine are still out there spreading their Big Lie propaganda.

@augustlan I doubt he will be silenced so easily. the so called “Liberal Main Stream Media is lining up as theor corporate bosses instruct them to support him. I haven’t heard a single one point out the very obvious fact that his so called “apology” just continues the lie that Sandra Fluke’s testimony was that she wanted taxpayer support for her to have lots of sex.

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I hope the sponsors see through him and don’t come back!

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@cazzie Thanks for the link. Bookmarked.

@jca As do I.

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Oh my goodness, @ETpro , you might want to read the transcript of what she said. Not an article—the transcript. Also note she is not a poor little grad student. She is a 30 year old activist and chose to go to GWU to stir things up about this. A Jesuit school should not be required to include birth control products in it’s health insurance coverage for students or employees. Rush made his statement when Fluke said it cost over $3,000 for birth control during three years of law school. She also said many of her women friends at GWU suffered because of the hardship of having to provide their own birth control. Birth control pills in generic form are $9 per month or the expensive Yaz is $57 per month (from Target) retail. So, $3,000 for three years is laughable. I’ve been to law school and this whole thing makes me laugh. When you are in law school you hardly have time to pee. Rush L. is often disgusting but he just said that $3,000 is a whole lot of birth control for three years. He used the word slut. So what.

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What else is included in female reproductive health? I mean, that is what we are talking about…not the time and ability to fuck who you want, but we are talking about pap smears and gyno exams and pills to keep hormones in check so that you don’t miss school for three days a month due to Menorrhagia. The men debating this issue have shown themselves ignorant of female anatomy. It is not an issue between a woman and her employer or her church. It is an issue between a woman and her doctor. Health insurance is health insurance. I bet it covers vasectomies for men and that’s birth control as well. It absolutely reeks of double standards.

@MollyMcGuire I feel so bad for you that you didn’t get laid in school, but you shouldn’t hold that against other people who do get the opportunity.

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An institution that receives no government money can make any rules they want. If they or their students receive government aid, it must meet government standards. The way I see it if an institution demands independence from reasonable standards they are morally obligated to refuse government aid. You cannot have it both ways.

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@Ron_C Bingo. Want to make your own discriminatory rules, pay your own way.

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Discriminatory rules held up as a right by institutions that demand non-taxable status. Something is wrong with that picture.

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@cazzie Very weak debate skills there, my dear.

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@MollyMcGuire funny, I was going to say the same thing about you, but I thought I would stay away from pointing out the obvious and try to show some compassion for your plight.

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