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If you could be any scary creature, who would you be?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) March 2nd, 2012

In my opinion, a scary creature could be a villain, or just simply who pisses you off.

For me, if I could be anybody who pisses me off, or is scary, I would be The Creature from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I hate him, but man is he sexy.

Who would you be?

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I’d be Medusa.

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I’d be a Mountain Lion. I live in Cougar territory and I’d love to scare the poo out of people hiking, hello big kitty! I was once stalked by a Cougar on a ridge over a trail up here, that cat had me spooked big time, it was a delicious and primal kind of fear. Everyone should feel it. lol

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My mother-in-law. She would ride her broom each time she came to visit. She would always double park her broom outside the front door and received a parking ticket each time.

She is dead and gone now, but her good memories still linger.

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A vampire. I like the dark

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MIlo here; Gail

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The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

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I’ve always wanted to be a vampire.

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A good ole zombie!

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A werewolf. People would be scared of me. ;D Lol.

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That guy who reads minds and remembers names

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I’d be The Shadow, who had the power to make himself invisible and had an evil laugh. I think he used his powers to get the bad guys, but I’d be scary and make people afraid. Heh, heh! “The Shadow knows!”

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The Voice in the Darkness

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I have always been more of the super hero type, but if I was going to be an evil creature, I think I would be a Huldra.

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I’m with @beccagolling – I’d like to be a werewolf.

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The T-1000 from Terminator 2. Those shapeshifting skills would be awesome.

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Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocki.

I saw a black & white etching of it when I was a kid. Amazing and scary at the same time.

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The Hulk’s anger management therapist.

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I was gonna say KateTheGreat a vampire, but that’s just because I want to be insanely sexy and powerful. That’s awesome, but that’s not scary, at least not in the classic sense which I believe this question to aim at. So what the hell else would one think?

A fuckin zombie, yo. :) A shambler, those I think to be the scariest type.

You could walk right by them!

You could.

So why does everyone always fuckin run?

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@Symbeline a shambler isn’t scary, it’s the horde that follows its moans

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Zombies don’t follow anything specific but their instinct. They have no leader, otherwise.

This makes them one.

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@Symbeline Max Brooks would disagree with you :P as a zombie’s guttural moan attracts other zombies normally to fresh flesh.

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Yeah, when one zombie detects a human, it moans, alerting the others. But there is no connection between them beyond that, nor is there anything suggesting that some zombies follow another. A zombie will moan out of ’‘excitement’’ or let out a ’‘battlecry’’, but not in order to lead the other zombies to the prey. (Brooks says otherwise, and while I love him, movies have shown me otherwise) They merely recognize the signal that their senses can capture. It’s not too hard being a zombie; lone zombies never need any help, even if they fail. They’re not like ants. Ever see a zombie sharing some guts with another? It’s interesting to note that such a lack of consciousness brings them all to work together though. And as in work, I just mean massive pile on. XD

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Okay, so I should have said “attracted to” rather than “follows”

So shoot me…

I didn’t mean it!

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Either way I won’t shoot you. unless you turn into a zombie

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