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What are good SW US cities to live in?

Asked by WhereToGo (5points) March 3rd, 2012

We currently live in Portland Oregon and are tired of the rain and grey. We are looking to move to a more sunny, but not too hot (no Vegas or Phoenix) location. We are a family of 4 with 2 kids so good schools are really important. We work in IT and Industrial/Product design. Not really interested in San Francisco area as it is cost prohibitive.

Looking for suggestions of good places to live.

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Austin, TX is a fantastic city to live in if you’re look for tech sector (IT) jobs. It’s got a vibrant music scene, warm sunny weather and is like nowhere-else in Texas. It’s a growing city and as a University Town there are lots of start ups, and software industry jobs.

Schools are pretty good in Austin (depending on where in the city you chose to live) but Austin also has a really fantastic Waldorf school.
If we moved to Austin this is where my kids would go.

Tons of fantastic reasons to move to Austin are here.. check it out.

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I’ve lived on and off in Texas since 1967! I suggest north Dallas for a big city with a small town feel and great food, lots of friendly people and sunshine. The summers in Dallas are, like Austin, hot but at least Dallas sometimes gets some snowfall. You probably won’t see snow in Austin and it’s really hot and humid in Austin plus the highway hasn’t been able to keep up with all the influx of people so the traffic in Austin, at least at 5pm, is horrendous. But a lot of people love Austin because of Fifth Street. Lots of live music, college kids and drinking on Fifth. It’s a pretty city, too but too humid for me. College excitement. Food is wonderful in both cities. If you would prefer a small city, Tyler has 100,000 people and is much quieter than Austin or Dallas; slower pace, much more church oriented, really nice, helpful people and may snow every three winters. And then we have San Antonio and Houston, Houston having really hot summers, great TexMex food but so much traffic and homeless people “on every corner” I’ve been told.

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When I first moved to Los Angeles from New York I HATED IT. However, after a year I really like it now. The weather is always beautiful and you shouldn’t have a problem finding work in your field either in LA or in Orange County. The suburbs are really nice and the housing market is good (last time I checked) for a buyer or renter.

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Albuquerque or Santa Fe New Mexico.

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@marinelife those are great towns, too! As is Taos.

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Welcome to Fluther.

They’re all good cities. Some are just better than others. Except for Los Angeles; that really sucks.

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I live in Tacoma and I’ve grown to appreciate all of the free air conditioning. HA!

Anyway I lived in San Antonio for 1½ years and grew to love it there and I was sad to have to leave (work transfer). It is a very special place. It takes some getting use to but that is true for everywhere. I love the many friendly folks, the down town river walk in the mornings before the tourists get up, near by canyon lake, lower cost of living, Brackenridge Park, San Antonio Zoo and much much more. I’d love to move back there some day.

Good luck!

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I too fell in love with San Antonio, although I’ve only visited there several times, never lived there. That River Walk is fabulous! : )

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Tucson or Santa Fe

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