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Advice for Bonnaroo?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) March 3rd, 2012

Going w some friends. Don’t enjoy camping too much? Should we drive down, fly down? Rent an RV to sleep in while we’re there? Some other general advice about the show? I’m not a kid anymore (well, kind of, I’m nearly 30) so debauchery to no end doesn’t interest me (as much) anymore…and waking up comfortable does….to an extent. Oh heck. Whatever. Thanks y’all :)

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I recommend to rent the RV

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Best advice: don’t go. But if you must – maybe look into renting a hotel room (they do let you out and in). If you camp or RV, bring all the beer you’ll need, in cans. Also – get the VIP tickets. Couldn’t get close to the stage unless you were willing to spend the previous couple hours staking out your spot, thus missing other sets.

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This will be my 3rd Roo, and my partying days are long over.

RVs are probably already reserved throughout TN and surrounding states for that weekend. Hotels are an option, but you should expect to endure 4+ hour lines when you enter each day.

There are many ways to make your camping experience more comfortable… And if you are just there for music like me, you will only be at your campsite to sleep. For a good sleep, All you really need is some ear plugs, inflatable mattress, and a couple portable camping fans to keep running all night.

There are showers you can pay for each day, or free water troughs to wash yourself with.

Some other tips: avoid cotton clothing like a plague (especially underwear!), get a camelback and stay hydrated, avoid alcohol during the day and make sure to wear SPF. Also, go into this with an open mind and positive attitude… It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be muggy, and at times you will feel sweaty and grimey, but if you can put all of that aside, you can really focus on having fun!

Check out’s camping section for a lot of other great tips..

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@Silence04 great response – thx

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