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Who's catching Coldplay this summer?

Asked by mcbealer (10229points) June 1st, 2008

Where and when? Who you taking?
I’ve got tickets for July 2nd in Washington DC, taking my son.

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Current Status; not going.

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I’m going to see Coldplay at the Inglewood Forum on July 15th. Just 16 days away! By the way, I believe this will be my fifth time seeing them. We have the great seats. Loge1 center stage! I’m excited!!

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Oppopsssss! I missed something or rather someone! That someone is WTF, but he’s taking me, yet, I get to drive!

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@ sccrowell ~ the DC show got moved up to August 3rd…
I’d love to hear about the Inglewood show. This will be my first Coldplay show.

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The last show they did here was at an outside venue and there was alot of interaction with the audience(sp). Are you familar with the band Good Charlotte?

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yes, is GC opening?

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