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On Facebook, before I take the plunge and "Get the New Timeline," is there anything specific I need to know, or should do, before I'm totally exposed?

Asked by jca (36054points) March 4th, 2012

I want to know so I can plan ahead, and be pro-active. Before I click on the “get the new timeline,” is there anything I should do before all my stuff is (potentially) exposed? Is there anything I need to know so I can be pro-active?

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I’d like to hear the answer to this too as I haven’t done it yet either.

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Your privacy settings will likely remain the same… and the newer profile is more annoying to go through than the one prior. Hide whatever you don’t want to show up on your profile and make private what you feel you must, but that can be done even after you unleash your timeline.

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I’m not going to get one, if I can help it. They’re so annoying, and make it easier for your friends to creep on your profile. Haha.

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^^ It actually seems easier to creep the older ones than the newer ones. Appearances can be deceiving. ;)

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The time line has convenient buttons where you can go back to when they first made their Facebook. Easier to creep on a long time ago. XD

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Always make use of that little gear icon, that’s where you can pick and choose who can see your posts. I’ve always done that, so I’m assuming that everything that was hidden before the Timeline appeared, will still be hidden. I do believe that everyone who looks at FB can see your banner photo, so make sure you pick something nuetral (mine is just a landscape, no people in it).

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For some reason, the new Timeline won’t let me scroll down for too long. It automatically refreshes and forces me to the top every 10 seconds. I can’t read anything at the bottom!!

If that’s true for everyone else, then profile stalking is cumbersome.

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I’ve read that you have 7 days after loading Timeline to delete any posts from your past that you don’t want it to show, otherwise they are part of your record permanently. May I just say again that I hate FB?

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I don’t understand the concern.

The timeline is only showing posts that at one time were actually on your Facebook wall/page/profile/whatever.

What’s wrong with them becoming visible now to people that are interested enough in you that they’re willing to scroll down that far?

If it’s potentially a source of embarrassment to you now or sometime in the future, then don’t post it to FB. It’s not like anyone’s actually forcing you to use it.

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@linguaphile I totally agree with you that “profile stalking” is cumbersome on the “timeline” Facebook. The posts on it are too big and bulky and they can take quite a long time to load. Why bother?

@robmandu I agree with what you have said as well.

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