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Is there something I can do to help stop my ferret from biting/nipping at my puppy while they play together?

Asked by queenlea (4points) March 7th, 2012

I have a 2 yr old ferret who is very well behaved (for a ferret) and about 2–3 weeks ago I introduced him to my puppy who is 10 weeks old now. They get along and play well except for the biting. The puppy handles it well, never hurts the ferret and isn’t afraid of the ferret but I’m afraid the ferret will really hurt the puppy. I’ve heard that it is “normal” for ferrets to nip while playing and I’ve also heard that it will stop in time. Thank you!

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I would keep them apart before someone gets hurt. It’s all fun and games til someone gets their eye put out.
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I don’t think it would worry me. All little critters nip each other in play. It’s when they start nipping me that I get annoyed. And if the pup grows up and then gets annoyed, that could be a porblem. What kind of dog is it? Post a pic, I want to see please.

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I don’t see how you can stop them from nipping eachother. I’ve seen the same thing with puppies and kittens. I also notice that if you stick your hand in between the, they turn on you. That’s when you put them on their back and tickle the heck out of them.

It’s only play and I suspect if the ferret really didn’t like the puppy it would have been a lot meaner by now. I would just watch them and break it up if they get too rough. I think that ferrets are a bit like cats and if you punish it for nipping at the puppy, it will start to become hostile and seek revenge. So I suggest using gentle persuasion to slow things down if it gets too rough. By the way never hit young animals , they’re like children and if they learn violence, they’ll use it.

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They’re only playing. A ferret doesn’t understand that puppies don’t have the same skin as ferrets do. So, they bite like the skins as tough as theirs. My ferret wouldn’t stop getting close to my mothers Poodles face, so the poodle stopped playing with her and ignores her and walks away when she’s near. But now I have two ferrets, so my other one doesn’t bother the poodle.

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