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What should we kill to feed the starving polar bears?

Asked by ETpro (34584points) March 8th, 2012

Rising temperatures are melting the sea ice the polar bears rely on for their hunting. The bears are threatened with extinction. Should we feed them, and if so, what animals should we use? Fly cows and pigs to the North Pole?

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Global warming and climate change deniers.

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Folk singers, especially the bearded women & paedophiles…....although the latter may be spat out for the rotten scum that they are.

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Politicians and corrupt law enforcers

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This may sound crazy, but how about seal?

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You asked “what” but most posters seem to be answering “who”! What does this mean?

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I’m not sure if feeding the bears out there would be sustainable. They need to be able to hunt on their own and not treated as if in an open zoo environment. And we don’t want them in actual zoos either. This is just depressing. They’re too cute to go extinct.

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There’s a dying or dead rat in my basement. I’d be happy to contribute that to the cause. Indeed, all the rats in the neighborhood (we are having an infestation according to our exterminator).

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Norway has a pretty decent polar bear population on Svalvard. They manage to eat a tourist or two every year, so…. there’s that.

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Baby Harp seals.

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@AstroChuck beaten or unbeaten?

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@rojo @AstroChuck either way, I vote flippers clipped

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Republican Presidental Candidates.

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@Blackberry That is truly a great answer. We can just tell them we’re going to chain them up on the land ice, and since they maintain there really is plenty of sea ice, the bears will all be out there and they are perfectly safe.

@ucme Sounds like you really don’t like folk singers.

@Mat74UK Next best thing after @Blackberry‘s idea.

@rebbel That makes tremendous sense, since that’s what they would be eating if climate change were not disrupting their hunting.

@Keep_on_running We’re going to have to build a bunch of labs fast.

@rojp I’ve noticed that. And I have to say that most of the “Who” answers sound more humane than the “What” ones.

@mazingerz88 Sadly it seems they are not too cute to go extinct, since that’s where they seem to be heading.

@wundayatta A noble offer, but you are going to need a vast number of rats. Are you sure you are up to this challenge?

@King_Pariah Now there is a politically incorrect answer if I ever did see one.

@cazzie It’s just that the tourists look so much like seals.

@AstroChuck, @rojo & @King_Pariah You guys are brutal tonight. :-)

@YARNLADY Bad idea. I like that too much for sashimi.

@GoDogGo Can we come up with enough? And ya know, they are mighty cute little creatures themselves.

@filmfann I was going to say there wouldn’t be enough, then I started thinking back over this year’s primary circus. Great Answer.

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@ETpro Hell, 3 or 4 polar bears could survive the season just on Newt.

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Who is that really big guy from New Jersey…. is he the governor?

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Chris Christie. Pretty smart guy, and yes, he could not just feed polar bears, he could be the island they live on.

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@cazzie & @filmfann Between Chris Christie and Newt Gingrigh, that might carry the polar bears through till the next ice age.

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I think Christie and Gingrich would likely eat the bear.

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@AstroChuck That’s a fight I’d pay to watch.

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I think I would have to put money on Gingrich.

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@cazzie I ain’t taking that bet.

@Ron_C I second that.

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