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If you had the chance to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?

Asked by whyigottajoin (1149points) March 8th, 2012

Theoretically, if you had that chance, what would you say?

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Measure twice, cut once.

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Find something you worship and dive in head first. Find your passion and pursue it and never look back.

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@Hawaii_Jake That’s so great, I did that recently! I quit the school I was doing, to pursue my passion for photography! And I haven’t looked back! It was a great choice!

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Women should have control over their own bodies, legally, morally and physically.

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Don’t hoard anything! Spend your money, drink the vintage wine, what are you waiting for?
It’s all transient and the saddest peole are those that deprive themselves of todays pleasures waiting on some magic future moment to allow themselves to live.
If not now when?

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I’d ask the crowd to “just be kind” to those you meet.

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You may be upset with America. You may hate its judicial system. But, lets face it, you could be living in Syria right now with little hope of survival. Love where you live and be thankful you live in America where God has blessed us all with protected independence and the freedom to say what we please and to freely love whom we please.

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For a few minutes every day, allow yourself to remember that everyone is sitting on this speck of dust in an unimaginably large universe that doesn’t give a shit, and we all will die. Then try and remember what petty bullsh*t you were upset about.

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Dexter and Dee-Dee from the 90’s cartoon hit Dexter’s Laboratory served to fulfill an Aristotelian telos for each other by giving one another a reason for being, despite their antagonism. Dee-Dee was always driven to destroy what Dexter created, forcing Dexter to invent more, which was his initial drive in the first place…

and the cycle went on.

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All of you, stop being douches!

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Be nice.

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@6rant6 You said it more politely.

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Be excellent to each other

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“Ignore this message and think for yourselves.”

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Develop more empathy—express your creativity through the arts.

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Be excellent to one another, and party on, dudes.

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Laughter is…..laughter is, erm, laughte…..makes ya feel good.

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No fighting, remember none of us will get out of here alive, so there’s no point!

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If we work together, we can make a difference. Stop talking about it. Get together and actually bring about some positive change today.

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Be nice, goddamnit.

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“Ich wil den Klavierstein!”

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Depends on the group of people. My message to Flutherites would be quite different from my message to a group more representative of the broader USA population.

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How big of a group? I send out e-mail marketing for work, and that reaches a pretty big group. My messages are usually along the lines of, “try this wine, it’s delicious.” If I could reach a broader audience, my message would be something along the lines of “kick back and enjoy life,” only, you know, eloquent and pithy. Wine is pretty enjoyable, definitely one of the small pleasures in life. Maybe one day I’ll move onto a bigger audience and a bigger message.

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Aim small, miss small

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Eat more cheese.

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