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Head Crash?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) May 24th, 2008

my external drive doesnt show up anymore… it makes sounds… rrrr-t. rrrrrr-t. rrrr-t.

i got about 2000 photos on it from the past year i spent in africa.

is that a head crash? or is there something wrong with the power adapter and it doesn’t supply enough energy?

UAAAAAH. i have to smoke a cigarette. or more.

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open up the case and try installing it as an internal drive instead. At least you will answer the power question.

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got a powerbook – aint no space for a further hdd.

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Hmm. Do you have another enclosure to test it out in? Get one from best buy then return it if it doesn’t solve your issue.

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does anyone know, how much a professional data rescue would cost me?

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hundreds of dollars, my friend’s brother-in-law does it professionally. hmm. I might be able to get a better estimate later today.

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This is a great reason to get a 1TB external and start using Time Machine.

Good luck with the data.

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I work for a company that does data backup, and this is not uncommon. Every hard drive will crash at some point.

Anyone reading this who does not have a backup solution should get one.

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If nothing else works, there’s always the hard drive freezer trick.

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