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Name that film?

Asked by creepermax (348points) March 11th, 2012

Independent Film takes place in US
Follows two migrant strawberry pickers who turn hired guns
They get drunk in the woods and attacked by white men playing death metal, they threw hamburger at them.
The mom in the movie has a crack addiction and her kid treats her badly and has a DJ setup in his room. She swims in the pool and one guy eats her out all creepily. Then the Mexican guy without the family shoots her in the head with a shotgun and the kid comes home and shoots the guy who didn’t kill his mom! But he runs out of bullets and the killer bolts into the night. The movie ends with killer crying in a strawberry field. Credits are solid color frames with BLAIR every second or two, really slow and powerful. The only movie that made me cry in the past 15 years or so. Haven’t seen it since 2008 I think. If it helps I was at my Ex-Girlfriends house and she fell asleep but I couldn’t so I was flipping through all her hundreds of channels and it was like a special channel for films like that. So late night well early morning. It was in english.

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Aw I can’t see what they said.

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