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Do you/did you ever play the "slugbug" game in the car?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) March 12th, 2012

My husband and I love playing “slugbug” with our kids while we’re driving around town.

Do you or have you ever played that silly game?

Just to clarify- we do NOT smack our kids’ arms when we play. We just holler out “Slugbug!” without the slugging. =0)

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Yeah, it was a good ole time. We also played the game where the first person to spot an out of state license plate gets to punch someone.

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We play this with our oldest, except we call it “punch bug”. It’s fun and our 10-year-old is really good at it.

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I did involuntarily when I was little. It annoyed the shit out of me.

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Punch buggy green no punch back!

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Still do!

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Pop corn, punch buggy!

The kids are allowed to play as long as there is no physical contact. Particularly with the driver.

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@wundayatta that’s our only rule, no punching the driver.

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I played with my kids until it got somewhat out of hand. By the time we had added Porsche Push, motorsickle tickle, Ford kick, etc, we had to put a stop to it.

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I played this for a few years straight. Eventually we adding more vehicles to the mix. Aside from slug-bugs, we also called out: cop cars, motorcycles (2 points if it’s a motorcycle cop), school buses, out of state license plates, and ambulances. It made things a lot more interesting and kept the game moving.

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of course we did as kids and occassionally still do.
Punch Buggy, Bug slug, Punch Dub.

ironicallythe game created by Sluggy Patterson

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We call it Punch Buggy. I remember that one time, I even had a point system worked out. When a person spotted a Volkswagen Beetle, he would get however many points (not the number of punches, always one per car) based on the color, whether it had a sunroof, whether it was of an older model, etc.

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Not sure if this is the same game, but here in england town we called it “Herbie no returns” after the love bug from the Disney movies.

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My younger brother and his friends play a ridiculous version of this game. Volkswagen? Punch. Fire engine? Punch. Dog? Punch. Mail truck? Punch. Out of state liscence plate? Punch. Seriously. It goes on forever. And if one person gets something like five in a row without being interrupted by another passenger, they do a chin-up. And if you reach twenty, there is another gesture but I don’t think they have actually reached that before.

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I never even heard of this game until I was 19 and never played it. I don’t know if it would be a good idea to try playing it with me. I live by the Teddy Roosevelt rule: “Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly.”

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My wife and I play “blue car” or “white truck”, just a little punch. Sometimes we do that when the grand kids ( two and half & four ) are in the back seat. It’s a hoot, they joining in sometimes see the car or truck first, and we all get to laughing.

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My sisters and I used to play it when we were younger, but we haven’t played it in ages! It was fun, though.

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We don’t really hit eachother either. My momma and I yell out the color of the buggie.
We also play “Rubber Duckie”. Yelling rubber duckie, when you see a yellow vehicle.
And “Padittle”. Hitting the cieling, and saying “Padittle!” when you see a vehicle with only one headlight. Once you have three “padittles” the joke is that you get to sleep with whoever’s sitting next to you. Haha. Which we obviously don’t follow through with, since it’s usually family in the car. XD

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We do it with yellow cars.

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Yes but the little one cheats. He always does bug-backs and there are no bug-backs!
He’s such a cheater pants.

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Oh Yeah,we use to play that when I was a kid (now 43) and we played it with our kids when they were young (now 22 an 25) and it was “SlugBug” an they also had one they knew from friends called “WoodyWagon” if you seen a Station Wagon. It was crazy,but fun,got old if on long ride an lots of traffic..
(we did allow light punches in the arm,but not the driver.that can be unsafe,other then that ya could “slug” the person ya wanted to but just a light punch) but “WoodyWagon” was just yell out “WoodyWagon” an get points for it. We also played one with the one headlight,but I cant honestly remember what we called it,has been years..Gonna have to play it with my husband now that someone has brought up this game,it was so guess I am still a kid at heart an so is he…Thanks so much for bring up the good ol’ SlugBug Game the fond memories of years past,an glad to know we werent the only ones who played

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