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Advice for a new driver who is getting her first lesson tomorrow?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2784points) March 13th, 2012

I just started Driver’s Ed. last week, and tomorrow is my first official lesson. I have driven with my dad up and down my road, driven in a parking lot, and residential neighbourhoods with little to no traffic. What should I expect in tomorrows lesson? Any other advice? Would anyone care to share a first time driving story? I’m really REALLY nervous.

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Hand signals, don’t screw up your hand signals.

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It’s your first lesson. The instructor will know that you are very nervous. Everyone is. You are not on trial; you are just starting out.

“Hi, I’m NostalgicChills and I’m really nervous.”

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Probably you will get a lot of advice while you are driving. On the road there is a reason for everything. Take the attitude that the rules of the road are there for everyone’s safety including your own. This is an opportunity to start developing good driving habits. I grew up in a place that had quite a bit of traffic, and my instructor was great! I think he was probably more nervous than me. Haha. Poor guy driving on the streets with 15 year olds at the wheel. Most likely he will start you on roads that are fairly easy, and then with each lesson bring you into more complicated intersections and merging onto the highway. He won’t put you into a situation he doesn’t think you can handle. Remember he is in the car too, so he has a vested interest in you driving competently.

The few thing I see people do wrong all the time is, when they turn they don’t stay in their correct lane. For instand if you make a right turn onto a 4 lane road, and you are in the far right lane, you need to stay in the far right on the new road. Next, when you stop behind another car you should be able to see the tires of the car in front of you. This allows for you to get around them if they stall, and also gives them space to drift back if they are driving a manual shift car. Always always single when turning. Signal before you brake, the signal is to warn the person you will be slowing down. Lastly, really stop at stop signs and red lights, including when you make a right on red. Complete stop.

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As a crazy fast driver, I am telling you that it is ok to be slow. Just like with anything dangerous, go slow until you get the hang of it. Yes, people will honk at you and tail gate you, but it’s better to start slow than to go crazy and make a lot of mistakes in the beginning.

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I remember my dad yelling “maintain your speed!” a lot. So do that.

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Just take it easy. Driving requires a pretty good reaction time, but not every decision you make driving needs to be right on the spot. In fact, thinking too fast or going on impulse really just isn’t a good idea in the first place. Just slow down and think things through. It’s really not as fast as it seems.

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Not just during your first lesson but from now on, don’t be overconfident. Listen to and follow advice such as how you should hold the steering wheel and sit in your seat. It isn’t just to impressing your driving instructor and examiner, it is to help you control your car. My daughter seems to think driving with one hand in the centre of the wheel while almost lying down is a much better way to drive. Freaks me out! Overconfidence is a killer.

Other than that… have fun. Having your driving licence will give you such freedom and independence.

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Be calm and sensible. I still can’t believe my first lesson. We didn’t have Driver’s Ed so it was with a private company. We were waiting at a red light. The light turned green and I started to go without considering that there was a car 4 feet ahead of me. The instructor slammed on the breaks and asked me what I was doing. I muttered something about the light turning green. I was very embarrassed, but it was a good lesson. Driving is more about awareness of other vehicles than just the rules you read in the book. (I think I was lucky we didn’t have Driver’s Ed. I would have been teased mercilessly for such bone-headed stupidity.)

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Keep those eyes peeled constantly! All the best….you will turn out to be an excellent driver!

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Relax, remember your basics & it’s okay to fart.
Oh & good luck.

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Don’t do a silent but deadly during your test though. You want to keep the instructor happy. I think a silent but deadly might back-fire on you.

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You could always utilise a loud fart, time it with the emergency stop.

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Keep your eyes moving all the time. Check both side mirrors and your rearview mirror a lot. And anticipate problems in front of you. I f a ball rolls into the street, a kid is probably going to follow. If you see someone trying to make a left hand turn, look behind them to see what’s coming. And check the turning cars front wheels. Are they straight or already turned? If he/she has his wheels turned watch out. If they get hit from behind they’re going to be in your lane in a flash. Just think defensively and watch for things that could develop.

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Ok thanks everyone, you have all helped a lot! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Update: It went really well! Thanks everyone for helping me with my nerves. XD I went on the main road with lots of traffic for the first time and I backed into a parking space!

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