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Is it legal for a foreigner to do volunteer work in the USA without a work permit?

Asked by snowberry (21616points) March 14th, 2012

I am pretty sure it is legal, but I need a government document. I work in an organization that offers volunteers who work there 15% off of anything in the store. One question I have is could the 15% discount be considered “payment”?

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Get a lawyer in labor law, your organization should able to a legal and BINDING answer.
A guess by a jelly of Fluther will not keep the person ( your volunteer ) from being DEPORTED.

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Fluther is not qualified to give legal advice.

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It turns out this is sort of a gray area. In another state there was a health food co-operative (member owned) that was forced to issue I-9’s to all their volunteers. Pretty weird when you have to prove you’re elegible to work when all you want to do is volunteer. So now we know. Sort of.

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