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How to lose the maximum amount of fat in just two weeks?

Asked by silverangel (939points) March 15th, 2012

I mean losing fat in terms of diet and/or exercise, like the kind of food to eat and the kind that must not approach. And the kind of exercises needed.

Thanks in advance.

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This doesn’t make sense. You must have other restrictions or criteria. To lose the maximum, don’t eat anything. Do you want to remain healthy as you do this? If so, what is your definition of healthy?

Why are you losing weight? Is it to fit into clothes? Is it to make weight for a competition?

To lose the maximum, take in no calories and exert the maximum amount of effort you can. Maybe you could be stick and bones in a week.

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Cut out ALL Carbs. No sugars at all. No bread of any kind, rice of any kind, pastas of any kind. Just read all the labels of the foods you eat and if it has carbs proceed with caution. Read up on the glycemic index and the gylcemic load and the role each plays on your calorie intake and retention of the sugars (carbs) you consume.

Actually here is a link I have bookmarked…

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Run, drink only water and one meal a day containing no carbs.

Cottage cheese and scrambled eggs you can have plenty of.

Good luck.

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Also, I forgot to mention taking a water pill from OTC. If you include a water pill, be sure to drink a sports drink that contains electrolytes. This will replenish what is lost in your sweating.

You will lose 5 lbs. just from the water pill.

Keep yourself hydrated.

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Do not eat simple carbs (breads, pastas, potatoes, rice) or sugars. Eat raw vegetables and fruits. Substitute Slim Fast drinks for meals here and there. Combine crunches and push-ups with short bursts of cardio. Drink lots of water and avoid sodas, tea, and sports drinks.

You can eat all the nuts you want. Avoid the ones that are salted, roasted, etc… and stick with raw nuts from the organic section of your grocery store. Almonds, walnuts and pecans are quite tasty and provide protein.

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The healthiest thing is not to try.

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I just read an article in Reader’s Digest that claims there are fat releasing foods you can add to your diet, along with exercising.

Before you try any weigh loss program, it is essential that you discuss it with your doctor.

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