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Can you make sense of my ridiculous series of dreams last night?

Asked by tedd (14073points) March 15th, 2012

Normally I don’t dream, or at least don’t remember my dreams. Last night I had a whole mess of dreams, incredibly ridiculous dreams… and I can’t make heads or tails of them.

Dream one involved me having crazy sex with an X g/f from a ways back. By crazy, I mean crazy, like lots of kinky crap. Making it weirder it was like “goodbye” sex or something? Like we both knew that we were leaving or something after that?

This dream didn’t even finish, and went right into dream two… In dream two I’m walking down the sidewalk/street in a suburb. Although I’ve never seen this street before in my real life, in the dream I just know it is my neighborhood. I come across 3 adolescent kids (like 9–14), walking in a line. The middle one is actually sitting in a stroller, which is in turn being pulled by some kind of small dog (like size of 3ish footballs small). I stop them, and in talking with them I realize all 3 kids have pretty severe autism. I somehow remember/see a sign that shows them as missing persons. So I take them home and start trying to call their parents from the missing persons sign. But no one is answering the phone… So I’m trying to keep these kids controlled, and then I try to order us all a pizza?

This jumped right into dream 3. Now I’m in a house that I’ve never been in (in real life), but I know it’s my house, and that I have room mates. We’re having a party, or about to be having a party.. I’m in the bathroom trying to take a shower, but a bunch of people keep coming into and going through the bathroom. Many of the people are people I recognize as friends (though I don’t actually know any of them in real life). A group of like 15–20 middle school/grade school aged kids come up from the basement, using a stairwell that somehow comes up into the bathroom, and they walk out of the bathroom. Then there’s like this heavy set girl who I recognize as a friends friend trying to tell another girl what she wants to drink, but they’re standing on opposite sides of the shower/tub… so they’re like shouting through me. Then I called them out on it, pointing out how rude it was to shout with me there, and I clearly offended the heavyset girl, so I apologized….

and then BAM.. I woke up about an hour late for work.

WTF was that?

I haven’t really talked to that X g/f more than a few minutes for the past couple years, I’ve had several relationships since, including one I’m in now. I tutor an autistic boy, so I kinda see that one.. But it still doesn’t make much sense to me. And the party one, me in the shower????


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I once had a series of 3 consecutive dreams where the earth got destroyed by nukes and then aliens invaded and rounded up the survivors in camps.
I would like to think that it was a premonition.
But the truth is that dreams are just random crap your brain concocts when it is idling while your consciousness is taking a nap.

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You’re a kinky exhibitionist at heart with a soft spot for kids.

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@King_Pariah lol… That is not a very reassuring extrapolation.

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Your subconscious is working overtime. Something triggered your past dreams.

You are not alone.

I rarely dream, but when I do, I can always relate to where it came from. It may be something you accidentally saw in a book, on tv, or on the web.

I use to dream I was driving a city bus from about 5,000 feet in the air with a looooong steering wheel. Try to dodge cars below at 5,000 feet!!!

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Sound like a restless night’s sleep to me. Maybe your bedroom was too hot, or you ate too much before you went to bed, or maybe you’re coming down with something. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the content of the dreams. as @john65pennington said, your subconscious was just wired up for some reason.

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In dream symbolism, sex represents death.
The other two dreams seem to support that.

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