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Do you have an odd phobia?

Asked by monsoon (2528points) May 24th, 2008

I have a phobia of water, and, strangely enough, a phobia of not getting enough sleep—I begin getting really bad anxiety if if I can’t get to sleep, and it mounts as I count the minutes of sleep I’m missing.

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A phobia of being scared of having a phobia is a phobia right? Because i’m scared of being to paranoid and uptight.

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I have a phobia of worms. You should see me when it is pouring rain and they are all over the payment! I have to tippy toe around so I don’t step on any. Eewwww!

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Is there a name for that sleeping phobia you say you have? Because I do the exact same thing.

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Flies freak the hell out of me.
(I know its completely irrational, but that’s the definition of a fear, isn’t it?)

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I have what’s called “phobaphobia.” That’s the fear of fear itself.

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and I’ve got this thing about cobras.

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That’s the word I was looking for Mr. AstroChuck. AstroChuck saves the day yet again!

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Ahhhh “phobiaphobia”

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I am always only too happy to save the day once again. You’re welcome.

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I feel like people are judging me constantly and are thinking very low thoughts about me. Like I have friends and I know they are my friends, but like when I say or do something I feel like they immediately judge against me. Does the collective know of any known medical diagnosis or phobia name for that? Like I would like to be able to play my solos with a little more confidence, and to be a little less worried about myself.

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I don’t like grasshoppers but I’m not phobic about them.

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I think it might lean towards calling it a bit of an anxiety disorder.

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@awww, those were the words I was looking for, well at least judge mental.

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I used to think that someone was watching me all the time constantly they could see everything I was doing and they hid behind the mirror in the bathroom like you see on the cop shows when they interview the criminals… but I got over that thank god. I’m just left with claustraphobia now.

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@monsoon~I understand the sleep thing…I will look at the clock and think I am awake longer than I should be and it will often play into my mood the next morning.

I am also concerned with my spelling and grammar on Fluther! Will it live up to the scrutiny of the collective?

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Midgets! I know, crazy buy they scare the hell out of me.

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I don’t like live fish, eels, worms and snakes (and silverfish) – basically things that move without the aid of arms and/or legs. I once nearly stepped out of a boat trying to avoid a wiggly fish!
But I still go in to the sea, just not if there’s a lot of fish around.

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I’m Necrophobic – Which means ‘Fear of Death’.
I lose many nights over the matter.

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I used to have a phobia, but was never clinically diagnosed, over insects in general. I think it was caused by an event I once experienced as a child when we went to Lake Erie for a weekend and there was some large movement of what they called “Canadian Soldiers.” They were these huge mosquito-like things and there were swarms of them. It was terrifying and I refused to leave the cabin at some point.

Later the sight of an insect gave rise to panic and I would run away, screaming at anything other than a fly. I frequently had night terrors and would wake up seeing insects crawling on my bed and dropping from the ceiling, and would still halfway be in a dream state while trying to get them off of my bed. I knew my eyes were open and I could actually see them.

Once there was a large grasshopper that flew near us as we were lunching and I nearly spun out of control, started hyperventilating and ran screaming from the area. They came back and got me after they managed to get rid of it. I once actually called 911 over a cockroach in my home, I swear it was consciously trying to attack me. I locked both my son and myself in our bedrooms and dialed 911 and told them that it was trying to kill me. They told me they that the sergeant on duty couldn’t warrant sending someone out on such a call, even though they could hear that I was panicking. I also heard some people laughing in the background.

I eventually forced myself to deal with it by remaining in the proximity of an insect and breathing exercises because I felt like it was taking over my life, insects are everywhere, and it was interfering with me being able to do things with any real freedom. It worked. Even though I still don’t like insects I can now say that I deal with it much better.

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I have a phobia of mayonnaise… One time, this girl, at an old job that I had, didn’t believe that I hated mayo as much as I do. So she scooped a handful and rubbed it down my arm. I spent the next hour puking because that stuff is so disgusting!

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@randy—That’s horrible!

I think anyone would be disgusted to have may rubbed on their skin, but it must have been ten times worse for you :(

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My dad has that same fear, actually. This is a man who fears absolutely nothing else.

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I think it’s very cruel when people punish you to your worst fears. It might be good for some people, to help them get over it, when they’ve got a reassuring shrink, but not when it’s done in spite or for fun. Like in Jackass when they put that guy in a cage with the snake. Mean!

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@awww richmarshall, I’m having trouble finding a name for a fear of not getting enough sleep. There are actually a lot of resources on somniphobia—fear of sleep. Apparently that one is a big deal.

When I search “insomniphonia,” it returns a lot of non-scholarly results, of blogs and what not of people saying they feel like they have _in_somniphobia, not somniphobia. I dunno, maybe another fluther question is in order. It seems like an army of googling flutherites can find the answer to any question :)

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It is not an unusual phobia, but I am a serious, grade A arachnophobe. Finding one in the tub or shower after I have stepped in results in what in my family calls “the spider dance.”

I have kill and disposal “rules.”
1. Do not attempt a kill if there is a chance you might miss, and it would scurry away.
2. Do not carry the corpse past me.

If I see one and I am alone, I have to steel myself and kill it, because I cannot stand the thought that it might crawl off and be who knows where in the house.

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Marina: I’m the same way about spiders. Well, pretty much any bug in general.

I’m afraid of sleeping with my closet door open.
I’m afraid of sleeping with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed.

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@Allie, we’ll have to get together and share worst spider stories ever sometime.

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Marina: I TOTALLY Understand. I get twitchy for the next few days after a spider sighting, too.
I bought this really hardcore black and decker dust buster with an extensiontube…. and I can suck up spiders with it. O.O
I’m totally not kidding. I get to be three feet away from them and can use it. But i’m always afraid that i’ll miss and it’ll come after me. Ick Ick Ick.

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I hate the sound that whales make but I’m not phobic of it

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im always worried im going to fall off a roof, ladder, or scaffolding. im not scared of the height or fall but the sudden stop.

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Coulrophobia – fear of clowns.

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@allie, I can’t have my feet hanging over the bed either! In fact, it’s hard for me to lie with them uncovered at all, but hanging over the bed I absolutely cannot do.

When I try to describe what my hydrophobia is like, I explain that being in water feels like how my feet feel hanging over the edge of the bed, but all over my body.


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I don’t know if this is a real phobia but when I go to resturants and I get a drink in a glass and is starts to condensate, I’m scared that I’m going to drop my drink because of how slippery it is. So I sqeeze that glass extra hard so it doesn’t fall.

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I had a phobia, and like @deezer got rid of it. Later personal and deep exploring led me to believe that a phobia allows you to not deal with the real things you might be afraid of, like dying. Much bigger and scarier—so we pick something else and are terrified by that. If you are really able to get rid of a phobia by “desensitizing” that’s great. But I think the underlying fear has to be faced or the pattern will repeat itself some other way.

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@skfinkel—You might like Rollo May. He thought that all anxiety stemmed from a fear of death (as many existentialists do, but he’s particularly cool).

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@monsoon—thanks, I remember that name from college long ago.

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I have:
Bathmophobia- Fear of stairs or steep slopes.
Acrophobia- Fear of heights.

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@ scamp, I HATE driving on steep hills in san francisco. I get seriously creeped out, and I think that the car is going to just topple over sideways (though no car ever has on said slope, and I’m in like a little sedan).

Anyway, I think I have that.

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@monsoon I got shivers just reading your post! I rode down some of the backraods in Tennessee with my brother, and the road was so narrow, I had to close my eyes until we were back on flat roads again. Yikes!

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The only thing I am scared of is ghost because you cant kill someone who is dead so how can you defend yourself?

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Fear of an embarrassing death. For example: Tripping over an umbrella in the mall food court, fall in front of everyone and die…

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I have an odd phobia of being touched on the arms because i am crazy
i also fear the number 16 for no reason
i am also claustrophobic
i think that i am going insane

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i have a fear of having my feet touched when I sleep… I always think that something is going to drag me away by my feet and like kill me or something… but I can’t sleep with my feet covered completely either.. So the covers have to protect them from the outside world, but let them still get cold air…

I also am afraid of what my dreams will be like that night… because i can feel my dreams sometimes… it shakes me, and sometimes I see things in my half-awake state, and I can’t move at all… it’s weird.

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