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Should i ask her out?

Asked by milkweed134 (3points) May 24th, 2008

im in a middle of a big problem i asked this girl out 2 times 1st i was 2 late the 2nd time she said she likes som1 else but now i hear she likes me but if she doesnt and i ask her out its gonna look weird. i think i love her but im only 14 but still i no i wont get over this anytime soon

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You’re 14, I’d say live and love. Don’t become a creepy stalker or anything, but whatev, you’ll both live no matter what she says.

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Don’t even try bro, at your age girls don’t know one guy from another. One day they’re all wrapped up on your finger, and the next….you find them in another guys lap. It’s nothing but sillyness, wait until you’re older then go in for the catch. Until then just wait it out and smile. :)

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I say give it one more try. If she says no then her loss and move on. There are pleanty of fish in the sea who will appreciate you. You’ve got nothing to loose. You won’t look weird!

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I agree with monsoon. Go for it. I wish I’d been a little more outright when it came to asking girls out when I was fourteen, when I was young and had nothing to lose.

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No regrets, brother. Go for it.

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She might be having seconds thoughts about you. Girls your age have been known to do that. Give it one more try. If she says no again, just find another girl.

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