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What does your wardrobe say about you?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 16th, 2012

This question is mainly aimed toward the nice ladies on Fluther.
How does your wardrobe “stack up” to your personality? Do you dress to represent a bride, booty call, or best friend? People judge you first by the clothes you wear, then your demeanor, and finally your personality.

Question: what does your wardrobe say about you?

Booty call, best friend, or bride?

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That I never buy new clothes.

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What if I am neither a lady nor nice?

I am neat and clean and kempt and stand up straight. I believe that people around here judge me by my cheerful smile and pleasant attitude, including my interest in their day.

But that’s here where there is an unwritten rule about flaunting it. When I was part of a Quaker community that believed in simplicity in dress, we laughed at a family who gave the most money during annual giving.

They drove not one but two matching beat-up old and dented VW vans, thus giving the impression that they were a one-van family.

If you go to Tanglewood in the summer, except for a small minority who have Martha Stewart picnics with candelabra and tablecloths and gel noticed, everyone is there to enjoy the music and not the nonexistent fashion show.

I have a beautiful collection of rainbow colored long-sleeved t shirts (that I got from the consignment shop) and jeans, cargo pants, sweats, and 8 old cashmere sweaters that do me for winter.

At the back of the closet is a pair of decent black pants, a black skirt, a black silk jacket and black dress sandals. They, as I, are aging well. And as I have said before, I do not scare the horses.

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That I prefer comfort and I don’t need to change clothes if I’m asked to go play at a park.

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That I have no fashion sense whatsoever and have been a stay at home mom for the last 13 years. Read: comfortable and devoid of stylishness.

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It used to say “Kmart!”, but it became so disgusted with me it doesn’t speak at all anymore.

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I like to be clean and presentable?

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Earthy, put-together, hippie, possibly a lesbian.
Most of these things are correct =)

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I have many different facets to my wardrobe none of which are frilly or floral. I have some comfortable clothes, mostly jeans and t-shirts. Some of the shirts are tshirt fabric, but a trendier style with some embellishments. Some edgy clothes, like some Harley stuff, not a lot of it though. Workout clothes, that you might catch me around town in if I go to run errands after the gym. And, very classic tailored clothes generally for going out, very monochromatic, lots of grey or brown or black. I’m usually in a heel for dinner out or a party, but not otherwise. I tend to like fitted clothing, but not tight. Very little jewelry, typically one ring, a watch, and earings.

Not sure I can classify myself as booty call, best friend, or bride. I’m all those things. Although my booty call would never be too sleezy, more like I’m looking good, sexy, but still sophisticated. Hopefully.

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That I have no idea what the **** I’m doing.

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I wear different things depending on weather, how I feel, what’s clean and where I’m going. I can rock just about anything. I’m eclectic. Sometimes I dress kind of FBI’ish, sometimes hippie, sometimes Goth and sometimes vintage. I think I say more about the clothes than what they say about me.

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sinscriven, there is nothing like honesty in an answer and I like your answer. jp

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Well, lets just say I have been told that I am in a “league of my own.” lol
I’d call my style bohemian classy, colorful and sequined and silk/velvet gypsy skirts, tank tops, over sweaters, shawls, boots and sandles with lots of colorful accessories. Dangley earrings, bracelets, long strands of beads. I get tons of complements on my creative dressing.

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That I’m into smart casual dressing and feel entirely comfortable wearing crisp clothes. It says that pajamas are only for cold nights, and not the day.

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My wardrobe says, shes broke. Hopefully that will change.

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If it says anything it must wait until i’m out the room, maybe it exchanges gossip with a chest of drawers.
I think it probably says, “Hey look, he likes to wear clothes…..fancy that.”

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That I’m poor. If limited funds weren’t a problem, I’d wear more vintage and hippie styles, but they’re expensive.

@ucme Haha. Mine would say, “We’re lonely” because there aren’t very many of them.

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@lonelydragon I hear there are lovely vintage second hand shops around? Just a thought.

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That I don’t have enough money, my “style” isn’t definable and I seem to have an OCD.

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^^How would your style of dress indicate OCD?

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@lonelydragon Another way to describe your wardrobe would be to say it’s contents are exclusive, sounds rather sophisticated.

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That I don’t buy clothes.

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Very minimal, but I think I still manage to put something stylish together. Never booty call or bride. Best friend maybe, I’m just the way I am.

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@Shippy I hear rumors of those, but there are none in my area, unfortunately. :/

@ucme I like that! :)

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I am pretty certain that my wardrobe sniggers a lot and passes comments to the bed to the effect that I look a bit of an unfashionable mess!
Even if I turn quickly, the damn thing just gives me a wooden look.

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