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Can you answer a couple of questions about leprechauns for me?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) March 16th, 2012

What do they eat and can they jump high?

My daughter is building a trap. =)

Do you have any other helpful tips for us?

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Leprechauns are a terrible lot of their own. They can run at a slow pace, but cannot jump.

Each Leprechaun I’ve have ever seen, was carrying a pot full of gold.

You will only catch a Leprechaun at the end of a rainbow.

Look to the sky for rain and sunshine together.

A rainbow will soon appear. Grab your net and run to the end.

One is waiting there for you.

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They munch away on oirish teabags (ravioli) & the little buggers can leap over a pile of shit left by a great dane, fancy dat…to be sure, to be sure.

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I have never seen David Caruso jump.

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One is called Tom Cruise.
Who loves Spaghetti Carbonara.

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I always thought they ate the marshmallows out of the boxes of Lucky Charms. They must, because everytime my nephew comes over and we open the box, there are less and less marshmallows in there. I always assumed the leprechauns were eating them.

They don’t exactly jump, so much as the shimmy up things like flag poles and trees and garden trellises.

Occasionally you can find them hiding out under bridges, but only if there are no trolls down there in the first place. Cats are always able to notice their presence, even if we can’t.

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You want to bait your trap with a pot of gold coins.

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They eat nothing but shamrock leaves washed down with the dew of a May morning. If your daughter catches one she must not let it go until it reveals where it has hidden its store of gold.

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They wear green clothes with a black belt and a gold buckle and have big pointed ears. You can’t believe a word they say. An if you creep up on them, you may hear them sing!

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This news report contains everything you need to know. Sketch at 0:42.

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Four leaf clovers make really good bait for the trap. If you can’t find a four leafed one use 4 three leafed ones. They get easily confused by the number of leaves. And any celtic music will get their attention and draw them towards the trap.

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She should know that you can only catch a leprechaun when he sits down to take his shoes off. It’s not possible to trap one. Unless….. you put some severely distressed shoes that need mending, inside a little cage and wait for one to jump in and start repairing the shoes.

Other than that, I got nuthin’.

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I love all these answers! Thanks, guys. Who knew Fluther would be an expert at leprechaun hunting!

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@jonsblond There’s a little kid in all of us.:)

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I think they eat corned beef and cabbage, but I might be wrong. They jump over lots of rainbows though, keeping up with that pot of gold.

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What’s all this about rainbows and gold?

All I know about leprechauns is that they’re evil little buggers with buck knives and they eat birds, and they keep kicking my ass in wire frame RPG’s. Erm.


Ha, so if your daughter manages to capture one, you know that the leprechaun will exchange three wishes for his liberty? :) They like making shoes. That should probably be good to know. And counting their gold…I suppose the way to attract them would be to have gold, although I have no idea if they work for their gold or if they nab it…maybe she should ask one to make shoes for her, and she’ll pay him in gold coins, then when he’s all busy and concentrated on the shoes, she can sneak up on him with a pillowcase!

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My grand children have told me that they leave green footprints on the toilet seat and forget to flush their green pee down the toilet.

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Their clothing and short legs do hinder their ability to jump. If they wore lycra, they could probably jump higher but those little green suits, tough leather boots and thick belts all make running and jumping a bit hard.

I have heard that about this time of year they do like a bit of Guinness. Hence their girth!

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I have heard that leprechauns have a common ancestor with the Oompa-loompas.

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@Kardamom That’s confusion talking. You’re thinking smurfs.

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