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Does anyone else think that SNL endorses Obama over Hillary, and why?

Asked by freerangemonkey (353points) May 24th, 2008

This is just based on the last few month’s episodes, but it does appear that they give preferential treatment to Obama…even McCain…over Hillary…

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maybe shes a bitch, she looks like she would be a bitch

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I think it’s easier to make fun of as her campaign becomes more desperate.

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Well, actually, SNL seemed as though they were pretty firmly behind Hillary initially, with Tina Fey’s “Bitch Is The New Black” monologue. Then, I think, for the sake of fair play, the show sort of of opened the floor to all the front-runners, with walk ons by Obama, McCain, even Huckabee.
SNL has always been an unapologetic lefty show, but it seems as though they’ve turned on Hillary, because the general feeling is that her floundering candidacy and increasingly erratic swipes at Obama are weaking the Democrats’ cause, and draining funds/resources from the party. All the while, McCain has the luxury of shaking hands and kissing babies, while the the Democrats tear at each other, doing his job for him.
It feels like SNL is a bit miffed at Hillary, now.

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