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USA Products: Can someone tell me the name of this type of sink and suggest a kitchen counter alternative? (Details)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) March 17th, 2012

First question:

What is a Belfast Sink called in America (and are they available in the US if so, where)? If not, can you suggest something similar?



What is a good kitchen counter material that may look like granite but is really a polymer or something similar and less expensive? (What has replaced old inexpensive countertops like Formica? I think Formica is still in business…but you know what I mean.)

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That is called a farmhouse sink. Butcher block would look nice with it.

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They’re usually called farmhouse sinks. If you google the term, you’ll find a lot of sources.

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Corian is the proprietary name of a polymer widely used in kitchen counter-tops, being cheaper than granite or other natural stone.

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They’re called apron front or farmhouse sinks in America. Formica now makes laminate counter tops that look like granite or marble, with a special edges that eliminates that tell-tale line that used to be on all Formica counters. They look pretty great, actually!

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There’s also another product that looks like granite that is much more durable and is a partly-man made product (made with quartz) called Silestone and it’s available in a whole bunch of colors. You can also have the edges made to look more contemporary, or more traditional. One of the benefits of silestone is that you can have it put directly over your existing counter, without having to rip out the old one.

Here is a farmhouse sink with silestone counters around it.

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We have quartz, which is actually a composite of quartz crystals and polyester. It is stronger and more stain resistant than granite. It comes in many colors too.

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I’ve always called this type of sink an apron sink.

Formica is indeed still in business. That is what I used the last time I bought new counters. I prefer it because it isn’t so hard.

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Concrete is probably a cheaper alternative to granite, and it can look very nice, although I’ve never seen it look like granite.

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I like that type of sink. It is usually referred to as a farmhouse sink. I’ve always wanted one with a stainless steel drain board next to it.

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Thank you EVERYONE…you have been amazingly helpful…all of you.

Lurve coming to everyone!

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