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Bathtub resurfacing: Do the Do-It-Yourself Kits work? (Details.)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 2nd, 2011

Professional resurfacing is really expensive here. My bathtub needs a face-lift desperately. I would like to use a DIY kit.
The only kit I can find here is Mr Tubby. yes, I know

If you have used a DIY (do-it-yourself) kit for resurfacing your bathtub…and can make recommendations (for a kit, for the right way to do it, hints, tips…anything…I would really appreciate it.)

Thank you!

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Pay me now or pay me later. (my husband is a contractor and he would hire the pros before doing that.)

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I make coatings and have yet to see one that will last no matter who puts it down. I would save up for a new tub or have it relined with something like this….

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Please, I beg you, hire a professional. I did, and after seeing what they went through, I am so glad I paid them to do it. Also be sure and get the warranty in writing. I had a section peel after about a year and they came out and fixed it gratis. Best of Luck!

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Is the tub finish an enamel or fiberglass?

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I had my tub refinished professionally and it lasted 10 years. The paint is now peeling off (100 year old claw foot tub). When they took the tub out of the house and spray finished it, they explained that it was like automotive paint going onto the surface.

@cruiser, thanks for the link! Just what I needed.

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this is a difficult, nasty job that will not last more than a few months. I’ve refinished a few bathtubs for resale, but never while the tub was installed in someone’s home. You’re better off leaving it until you can afford to replace the entire tub. good luck

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Everyone….sorry to get back so late on this one. I got distracted and forgot I’d asked this question. You have answered it in spades…...GET A PROFESSIONAL and/or GET IT REPLACED!

Darling Rhadmanthus has heeded the warning of the Jellies. And she will act accordingly!

Lurve coming…....and THANK YOU!

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Another comment…...What my bathtub needed was a way to get rid of the stains from the hard water and other stuff that has gotten on it. I think I found a solution.

I will post later to see if it works.

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Thanks for the update. I’m still curious if the tub is enamel or fiberglass. Could you describe it, or better yet, upload a photo?

I worked as a hotel inspector for years and have seen many tubs professionally refinished in various ways. Some methods hold up better than others. I’ve also seen enamel tubs that were thought to have been discolored (worn and not cleanable), but were in in fact stained (a build-up that could be cleaned).

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@Pied Pfeffer….....Hi…Just saw this today.

I managed to get the stains out…finally….they were just badly stained…but unfortunately, some of the finish (enamel) came off…the bottom is rough now, but it is clean. Now, I just have some staining left below the taps.

Did you use particular products or….anything?

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New research shows that the repair enamel could be bad for your health. Do alot of research and buyer beware.

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