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Are clones people too?

Asked by philcampbell (16points) June 28th, 2007

Are clones people too or are they direct images of themselves - what is a clone to you

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Well, if you're talking about genetic clones, explore the nature vs. nurture question, as well as the fact that if I were to clone you, your clone would start out as an infant.

That clone may have a striking resemblance to you, but would be a completely distinct consciousness, and as he would be raised in a completely different environment would think, act, and speak differently than you.

(Also check out some studies on twins who were separated at birth-- a surprising number of things seem to have some genetic basis)

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Well I don't believe that there are nany human clones yet...

But if they did exist, they would be people, they just wouldn't have a unique DNA. They would still be their own person. So yes, human clones are people too.

(Sheep clones are not people)

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Well, even if a clone was identical to you (physiological as well as psychological) ... she would be as much a person as you are since they are indistinguishable from you.

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