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Am I technically a sugar daddy if the women are the same age or older?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14659points) March 20th, 2012

Is there a different phrase for this?

Does the age of the woman involved in relation to the man change your feelings about the relationship in some way?

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Nope. You are not. That’s a more traditional relationship. Traditionally, people have relationships with others their age.

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When I was in my mid-thirties, I was squired around briefly (very briefly) by a guy in his early 60’s. He would have been my sugar daddy if I wanted. I didn’t, even though he invited me on an African Safari.

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A sugar daddy is a man who is taking care of a woman financially. It doesn’t matter about their respective ages.

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You are a sugar daddy if you pay for everything, rent, utilities, everything and give pretty little gifts worth lots of money that can be pawned or traded for escape money for when they get tired of trading you know what for everything.

Anything less and you are probably a generous piece of arm-candy who’s great to have around, but could be dropped at any time for the sugar daddy.

- Age is irrelevant
at least that’s my definition

Now, if they are paying for everything and having you squire them to Monte Carlo and such like environs and getting some you know what, that word is gigolo. Does that sound like you? :)

Now, what do you want the references to reference?

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Your are just the object of a golddigger.

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I always thought it had more to do with her attitude in the relationship. If she’s with you just for the money, and you have to pay to keep her around, then you’re a sugar daddy.

If there’s more to it than that, then it’s something else.

Otherwise wouldn’t couples where only one person is employed all have a sugar daddy/momma element? You’d have a hard time calling someone who stays home with the kids a gold digger.

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I could use a sugar daddy just about now… I’d love to go to Europe, have my rent paid for, a personal trainer paid for and money to spend- niiice! And it doesn’t matter what age!

(in theory…) In reality, I wouldn’t like the obligation. Ick.

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Is the opposite of a sugar daddy called arm candy? There are many reasons for people getting together. As long as the resulting relationship is satisfactory to the couple, who cares what they call it? Snide, petty, possibly jealous name callers should be outlawed.
but it’s so much fun to be nasty.

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Labels are for packages/clothing.

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Technically a sugar daddy is an older man who financially supports a younger woman in return for sexual favours/intimacy. I would read significantly younger here.

Personally as long as everyone is legal and consenting (and able to consent), I don’t much care about age. I don’t believe having a younger girlfriend automatically makes you a sugar daddy. Equally an older partner could be using you as a sugar daddy as much as a younger woman. This would be true if you feel (and have reasonable grounds to feel) she is only with you for your money and what your money can do for her.

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I’ve also heard the term “sponsor” as in: “My sponsor always pays for my nails and hair weave.”

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No, then you are just a walking portemonnaie.

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