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Ever been bitten by a dog but refused rabies shots?

Asked by Aster (20007points) March 21st, 2012

I’ve always heard the shots are very painful and right into the stomach. Were you bitten then advised to get shots but refused and are you glad you did refuse?

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No but I knew somone who was bitten by a bat and refused the rabies shots. They died of rabies.

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That is horrible @Lightlyseared !!!

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Bit once on the left index finger, once on the right hand which included my right index and middle fingers. Aside from a minor craving of human flesh and utter hydrophobia, I’m fine. (both times were accidents involving my own dog at the time and I knew that my dog was up on its shots so I passed on getting checked out, and the human flesh and hydrophobia statement is a joke)

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I just bit the dog right back. He died of his own rabies. Take that, you worthless pooch.

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Post exposure rabies vaccinations these days consist of five intramuscular injections, usually given in the upper arm.

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I was in my neighbor’s yard talking and everything was fine with their dogs. The minute I started climbing over their fence to get home, they came running at me and I was bit on the leg. The neighbor said she would have the dog “put down,” but I said that wasn’t necessary. I didn’t even think of rabies. They weren’t free running dogs and were well cared for, so it never occurred to me. Too late now; that was years ago. Was I wrong?

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Some years back I was bitten my own dog, he got a little carried away & chewed up my fingers instead of the squeaky toy I was throwing his way.
I got a rabies shot, but wish I hadn’t, the nurse said “just a small prick in the bottom sir!!”
She lied, it was a massive prick & it made me weep like a 6yr old girl :¬(

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Have been bitten several times by several dogs but knew them and their owners so, no, never got the shots.
Probably would if I did not know the dog or if something in the way the dog acted disturbed me however.

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I thought there was a grace period in which to have the shots. If you knew the dog who did the biting or if it was kept in quarantine and did not develop rabies, then you did not have to have the shot.

I have been bitten many times but always by dogs who had their rabies shots so I never worried. I did keep a stray in my kennel one time, it was brought in by police because it had bitten a kid. It was a nasty spitz type dog but never developed the disease.

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I was bitten pretty badly by a dog. Since the dog had all his shots, I didn’t need to get rabies shots.

If it hadn’t had its shots .. I would have done whatever the doctor suggested to avoid getting rabies myself! The pain of the shots would be well worth it if it would save my life.

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