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Should i have switched arms?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 11th, 2008

im in the process of getting my rabies shots, as i will be traveling this summer. i got my first out of three last week on my left arm, and the days after, all the joints in my body hurt, but moreso on the left side. today i got my shot on the left side again. will i undergo the same amount of pain on both sides this time, or will there be evn more pain on my left side, or will i feel less pain in general because im already partially immune? last time, i took 2 tylenol every 4–6 hours while awake, and it helped to the point where there was still a lot of pain all over my body, distributed evenly. should i switch to my right arm for the third one, on the 25th of june. i have an exam 3 days after that day, and i cannot change the day of the shot because then it wouldnt work, and i cant change the day of the test because i will be in africa right after, and studying before.

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Ugh, I remember when I got those shots before I traveled too. My pains weren’t as bad as yours sound though. I’d say just keep getting it in your left arm. The pain will eventually go away. Plus, why would you want your right arm to hurt as much as your left? It sucks, I know, but it’ll get better. Try to keep your mind off it – you’re going to Africa!!! Now make a happy face. =]

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the truth is, i had to go to the travel clinic a few times, because they had a shortage of the vaccination for some reason and everyone had to be screened, and the nurse who was assisting me is really hot. that’s one of the main things thats keeping me in that doctors room, besides the thrill of travel.

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Well, there’s another happy thought for you.

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