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What amazingly compassionate thing have you ever seen a very little kid do?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44659points) March 22nd, 2012

Let’s keep it to 6 and under. I was picking my grandson, Ryan, up from pre-K one afternoon. As the parents were bundling their kids up, a child next to Ryan was trying desperately to tell his mother something. However, he had some sort of severe speech impediment (maybe stuttering…I don’t know) and just couldn’t get the words out. Ryan glanced over at him and gently said, “His coat. The sleeves are in his coat.” (The arms of his sweater were bunching up in the sleeves of his coat…)
The child sagged with relief and said, “YES!!!!” Mom fixed the problem.
The teacher said that Ryan does that ‘all the time.’ He could size up at a glance what the child was trying to say, and convey it for him. She said she thought it was pretty amazing for a four-year-old.

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I have seen a little girl feed and nurture an injured demon. As reward, the demon revived her when she died and made her his pet.

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So, @ragingloli how’s your girl-pet working out?

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Not cry in public when they were told no.

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That isn’t compassion, I don’t think. That’s just obedient and well behaved @Blackberry, and probably brave.

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Who said anything about me?
I was talking about these two.

Also, you insult me by implying that I could be injured.

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LOL! Quit! I’m really interested in some answers, you devil you! Everybody, just never mind @Raggie, please.

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When my son was 5, I took him to a company-sponsored kids’ event that culminated with breaking a piƱata. The little kids lined up for a chance to swing a heavy stick at the cardboard animal and release the candy.

One little boy gave a mighty swing and missed, and the stick flew out of his hand, striking another child in the face. The injured child was immediately the focus of a swarm of anxious concern. Luckily she was not badly hurt.

My son noticed the little fellow who’d unintentionally caused the accident standing all alone, shaken and distraught with shame, fear, and misery. He went over to the boy and talked to him quietly and put his arms around him and comforted him.

It was a proud moment for me.

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—I just spent a few days with my 2½ year old grandson (.. we live about 1,000 miles away).

He wanted me to pick him up and I told him I would LOVE to, but I hurt my back and I can’t! I felt so badly about it…

Without missing a beat, he got really concerned, told me he loved me and wanted to rub my back and “make it better”! He was so sweet!!

—When my son was about 6, he had to go into the hospital to have some blood work done. He was pretty scared, but didn’t cry or complain. I told him how proud I was of him for being so brave. He told me, he didn’t want to cry because he thought he’d wake up the sick people!! Again .. so sweet!! Like father, like son!

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I was teaching 4th Grade. I gave one student all A’s except for a B+ in writing. I met with her and her Mother. I found out that this was the first non-A grade she had ever received. I immediately offered to give her an A. We went over her work and she said, “No, you’re right. I need to make some improvements’. I waited until they left and burst into tears.

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@ragingloli HA! I think I love you!

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One night, I found myself hugging the toilet—I had gotten a really bad flu bug and was violently ill. At one point, mid-vomit, I felt a warm hand patting and rubbing my shoulder and assumed it was my mom trying to comfort me. Imagine my surprise when I looked up into my 18 month old son’s eyes and he looked so calm but concerned. It was kinda disconcerting but I was proud he had that level of sensitivity so young!!

When my daughter was 3, she found a blanket in a McDonald’s playset and connected the blanket with a child that had just exited the playset- his parents were preparing to leave. She brought the blanket down and went over to his table then handed him his blanket with a smile. Unfortunately, the mother yanked it from her with a nasty facial expression. My daughter just looked at her wide eyed, came over to me and said, “I think the mama’s having a bad day.” awww….

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@linguaphile People like that lady just don’t belong in this world.

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@Dutchess_III I agree—and there are too many of those type of people. They don’t lose sleep over being like that… and I really don’t get that at all. The best thing to learn, I guess, is not to take it personal.

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