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Silk screen?

Asked by margeryred (289points) May 25th, 2008

I would like to learn how to silk screen a T-shirt. how difficult is it and what roughly would the start up cost be?

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There is an extremely good video here explaining how to silkscreen a shirt

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Here is a good intro.

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I also saw this sibling question in the sidebar-it also has relevant information that you may find helpful.

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Without any fancy links, I can tell you that it is actually quite simple. (For me) the hardest part is applying emulsion evenly. You will definitely need space as it is a messy process. But if you are willing to rough it a bit, you can create your own set up for fairly cheap.

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What exactly is silk screening?

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@Awww: check the links posted above and you’ll get your answer.

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silk screening is very easy if you know what your doing! Also quick to pick up!! If you are wanting to start your own business it will cost you roughly around $10,000. But it will vary depending on how big of equipment you want. The 10 is based on 6 stations, flash, dryer, and everything you will need!

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