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Does McWrap sounds like a wrongly chosen name?

Asked by rebbel (24956points) March 23rd, 2012

In the Netherlands the famous burger restaurant calls its wrap the McWrap.
Is the McWrap also available in the USA/Canada/UK/etc. or am I correct in assuming that probably it isn’t because that name would sound crappy in countries where English is the number one language.
Does it sound wrong or am I hearing things that are not there?
Do you know of wrongly chosen (type-) names by well-known brands?
For example: we had a car in Holland some years ago that was called Fiat Croma; Croma being a cooking butter in the Netherlands.

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Wrap is the name of a certain type of sandwich made with flatbread, It is common here.

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Yes, wraps are popular in the U.S. although I have never heard of the McWrap, but I go to McDonalds about once a year, if that, only when desperately starving when I am out without eating for too long and about to black out at the wheel. lol
I traveled in asia in 2010 and the McDonalds over there serve their fries with Wasabi mayo. OMG! It was delicious! Green wasabi mayo.

My daughter told me yesterday that one of our local fast food chains called “Taco Bell” is now serving a taco with a shell made out of a giant Dorito chip. Jesus, what’s next? haha

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Toyota makes a car called “Previa”, which is a term for a pregnancy complication. It’s pronounced differently, with the E being short. In the medical condition, the E is long. But I can’t see the word without mentally putting “placenta” in front of it.

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The Nova which means ‘no go’ in Spanish. Not a good choice for naming a car.

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McWrap is a good name for english speaking countries that have the lettuce wraps.
Years ago, a Japanese company was trying to come up with an American sounding brand name for a new line of pants. They thought it sounded great, but it didn’t pass the test.
Would you buy a pair of Trim-Pecker pants?

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Hrmm, so it does not sound like McCrap?

Nice examples you gave, by the way.
Thanks all!

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Wraps are common here in southern california, but McD’s does not market them here as “McWraps” They call them “snack wraps”.

It’s not a brand, but the Philipine rice cakes sold around here always get giggles. The tagalog word for them are Putos, which also happens to mean “male prostitute”/“faggot” in spanish.

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I agree
It should be renamed “toxic waste”!

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I hear McCrap too, so I’m with you there, bad choice.

My favorite right now is the drug “Aciphex”... which along with a set of side effects gives you just the front effects to find on your own I think.

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Well, McWrap does sound crappy, and probably is crappy, like most McProducts. Some European McDonalds’ do have different names, such as Fish Mac in Austria instead of MacFish. It’s pretty much all looow quality.

(I think McDonalds’ has existed long enough, and should be eradicated from the planet.)

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@Sunny2 That’s strange! In Portuguese Nova means new, but in my mind Nova relates to the sun… is it because of the PBS Nova broadcast? Argh!

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Well, you know, false advertising, the stuff wouldn’t sell if it was called McDeath.
2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a coronary bun.

“We’ll kill you our way”. lol

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Yes, I find it weird. We have that in Canada. My partner buys one once in awhile. I’ve called all McDonald’s foods McCrap for years though, lol.

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@whitecarnations Well there was Nova the show, but also nova can mean when a star explodes (and takes on a “new” form; IIRC the name is ancient, because ancient astronomers first noticed this happening as if a new star had appeared in the sky).

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