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What is this 1960's fashion style called? Pictures inside.

Asked by partyrock (3870points) March 25th, 2012

I’m wondering if there’s a name or “style” which was taking place in the 1960’s, kind of like what people were wearing in Rum Diary with Johnny Depp. I posted some pics. I’m not sure if this style even has a name.

Scott Disick from Keeping Up with the Kardashians also seem to have this style. I know it’s not “mod” style.

Would it just be considered 1960’s chic? It’s kind of like the 1960’s playboy style right? Not Playboy as in the Hugh Hefner brand, but very sophisticated? Something out of Mad Men? This style reminds me of people having really tanned skin and laying out in the beach in Miami or Cuba.

Here are some pics, it reminds me of what it would have been like living in Miami in the 1960’s or something:

First –

Second evidence –

Third –

Fourth –


Last one –

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I think it would be considered 60’s chic… probably a “theatrical” chic since most 60’s folks wouldn’t be dressing that way.

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I didn’t know there might be a name for this style…it is just very 60s to me, and I love it! (never mind it must be my computer’s contrast or something)

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Resort wear is the phrase that comes to mind. The idea of resort wear really took hold in the 20’s & 30’s, from then on every decade had their own twist. The same is true of regular, daily wear. The social event dictated the clothing options, such as long or short, fitted or flared for women. The money dictated the materials, such as silk, wool, cotton or just-invented such as nylon and rayon brands like Dacron or Viscose. Talent of the stylist or designer and money dictated how chic you were judged by others.

For the pictures you linked, those styles have endured through today, interpreted with such marginal differences that labeling them a particular style has become a fashion joke. Curators are able to label the medieval fashions by their dates, the Victorian fashions by their dates, the Gibson girl era by dates and all can be traced to a particular person’s era of influence. Worth designed many gowns that survive to today in museums and from that point forward fashion has been labeled by the specific designer or their designs.

The BBC program, Downton Abbey is set in era of such change that within 6 years the fashions went from being distinctly one period to being distinctly another. Full length, fully covering women’s clothing has never come back as daily wear since that time. From that time, men’s pants lengths have never been short, except for specific activities such as golf.

The 60’s are a small era of change for women’s clothing, but not so much for men’s. The 70’s show a more distinctive change for men’s clothing. Because the change is so small, no particular label has stuck, probably because the people who wore those clothes are our grandparents and we can find specific examples of clothing manufactured in that era in great supply,

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I think it was the Cuban influence on 60s fashion.

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To me, it looks like 2012 masquerading as 60’s.

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Ricky Ricardo from “I Love Lucy”

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The 60’s? I thought this was todays style as this is what I wear everyday.

I still must be with the “in crowd”.

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Doesn’t really look like anything I remember from the 60s but more of a modern pastiche of 50s style, preppie wear, and Miami Vice style from the 70s.

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It is called Preppy. It is a simple, chic, style that keeps to classic styles and emphasizes pastel colors and a sort of resort look. It is a sort of understated form of snob appeal clothes. Sometimes it can get rather “dorky” but it can also be very chic. Just stay away from the whale prints and such and you’ll be okay. I love the sundresses and simple fitted shift dresses called chemises. It’s getting an update. Some of the old styles look a little frumpy but I like the new ones. Here’s more on it.
Janbb Yeah, that’s a good call. It is a pastiche, I see the Miami Vice thing going on too.

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Try Talbot’s if the preppiness is indeed what you are looking for and money is not an object.

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I call most of it “camp”.

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I’m with didn’t really look 60’s to me (and I was there!)

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All but the last example are Palm Beach/Hollywood style. The very last dress is the only style I recognize and it was a daytime dress. I don’t remember what we called it, but it was great if you had a small waist. Comfortable and it always looked pretty good.

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For more accurate ideas of genuine 60’s style, look at ads from the day.

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In the fifth one, the picture on the right you can totally see that guys wang.

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Resort wear! That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.

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clicks on fifth picture to look

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“partyrock“Http:// You might like some of these styles. Kind of expensive, but you can dream can’t you?

I think you’ll love this resortwear, look at the awesome espadrilles!

Check out this really great Mario Testino fashion editorial for Vogue!

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