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How to improve my dressing sense?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 27th, 2011

What color goes with what? Is color contrasting always good?
How many types of pants are there? Jeans, trousers, denims and?
Which shoes would go with these? How many types of shoes are there?
How many types of upper body clothes are there? Shirts, T-shirts, jackets, hood and? With what kind of pants can they be worn with?
What kind of belts go with what?
Anything else you can think of?
Tell me everything you can think of, I may not know that or might be doing something wrong.
I am 20, 6’ , and thin or average body type.What kind of clothing would suit me?

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This is a very broad question. The Art of Manliness has some good general advice about a lot of things.

As for clothing styles, the look for men’s clothing in Europe is different than it is in the US. Which perspective do you want?

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Go to a mens store like Mens Warehouse. The sales staff there are top notch and will dress you to the 9’s both casually and in killer suits. Let a pro show you.

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There are other factors like what you do for a living and what kind of image you want to project that need to be considered too.

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Garanimal clothing for adults.
Shirt, tie suit, coat or what ever with tags for coordinating colors.

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Look at what high price fashion designers are peddling these days. Do the opposite.

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Can you watch old episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? It has all sorts of fashion tips from Karson Kressly.

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Find a good friend whose dress sense you like, or a woman whose taste and opinion you trust. Go through your current wardrobe with him/her and get rid of both the clothes you don’t like and the clothes that don’t enhance your looks or express your personality. Then go shopping with her/him in tow and have her/him tell you what looks good, even if it’s outside your comfort zone.

It’s hard for us to definitively tell you what to wear if we can’t see you and don’t know your lifestyle.

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You can’t go wrong with black. Almost my entire wardrobe is black, with a scattering of kakhi and tan (which I will probably dye black eventually). Black is slimming, it hides dirt, stains, and wear well, and you never need to worry about separating your lights and darks when you do your laundry.

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All of these questions will simply make it more complicated to improve your sense.. All you need to do is
1: Always let someone else judge you, prefarrably a close friend; Because when people judge you it’s more honest and real than what you might think of yourself, you might have different perspectives that people don’t agree with..
2: Research anyone who you think you agree with their style, try making improvisations of it.
3: Look at your body type, see which colors match best, and which TYPE/MATERIAL/COLOR makes your body looks fit, CURVED, and matches with your skin tone.
4: Always embellish with accessories, but depending on what theme your clothes are.
5: Natural makeup is essential, never overdo your makeup, trust me.
6: What types of clothes do you like to wear? Do you think you wear the same thing too much? Then change it. And when you’re shopping NEVER buy alot of things, otherwise you won’t end up wearing them, and never buy anything without trying it in the fitting room, it might turn out to be horrible when actually worn. Hope I helped.

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10 easy steps and few extras thrown in:
If you have to ask all these questions, you certainly need some assistance.
Have at least a couple pairs of well kept dress, casual, play shoes in various colors. Black, Burgandy, Brown, Tan
Buy new matching socks with each new pair of shoes or pants.
Shoes do make a huge difference.
Darkest colors always at the bottom.
Look through magazines and find out what you think you might like.

1) Find a friend that you regard has some fashion sense (make it a female friend ).
2) Figure out what kind of fashion sense appeals to you.
3) You and your friend go to a variety of clothing stores all day and try things on.
4) See what works for you.
5) Buy two outfits that are appealing to you.
6) Wear
7) Launder
8) Go back to step 6 and repeat 3 times.
9) If you like it, go back to step 1 and repeat till you are out of budget.
10) GQ Stud

You have to like how you feel and how you look in it. Otherwise, you will not stay dedicated to it.

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I read John T. Molloy’s Dress for Success back in the 1980s. He has a new, updated version out called John T. Molloy’s New Dress for Success. The original was a fun book to read and taught me a good deal I needed to know, as I had just moved from an engineering job where a lab coat was my “uniform” to a sales engineering and support manager’s slot where I had to dress in suits and travel the world meeting senior management and working out their needs for robotic automation to build miniaturized electronic circuits. Truth told, I had a lot to learn about how to look sharp and avoid choices that would mark me as a rube.

As to color coordination, you can use a color wheel. Any colors that are compliments or triads on the wheel will go together. Here’s an Online Color Selection that lets you click the small wheel icons at the top to select whether you want a Mono, Complement, Triad or more exotic pairing.

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Most people have taste, well at least their own taste. Pay attention to what you like. Spend time trying on different clothing, if you like something and think you look good in it, get an honest second opinion from a fashionable friend.

When you watch tv, or movies, or even seeing people walk down the street notice what you like.

Use your eyes, look, react. Trust yourself, and your gut feelings.

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@everephebe True, but for some people their taste is only in their mouth.

I agree regarding sitting down and taking notice to what you like while watching tv, people watching, or looking through magazines that are peppered with clothing adds.

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@blueiiznh Some people don’t even have taste in their mouth! A palate has to be developed. I think that all taste has to be developed, and people who don’t want to develop taste are the ones who have no hope.

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@everephebe I completely agree BTW, the comment on no taste in their mouth was a joke

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