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Boyfriend jeans is a fashion trend?

Asked by Ansible1 (4841points) December 18th, 2009

I just heard about this and I’ve never seen someone in this style aside from the pics I just saw online. Do you know any women who do this? Did some celebrity start this trend? Are they actually selling oversized jeans at women’s clothing stores to be worn as ‘boyfriend jeans’?

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I don’t think women would do such a thing. After all this time trying to look smaller and show off their curves, wearing baggy jeans won’t just suddenly turn the tide. Also….fashion trends aren’t something a whole populace follows. it could be popular in one small city and no one else would have heard of it.

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I hope not. They already take my cologne..

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They were trendy all summer, you guys. “Boyfriend” doesn’t necessarily mean oversized, but it DOES mean straightlegged (ergo not form fitting) and turned up at the cuffs. It’s hard to pull off, certainly, but I saw it done a reasonable amount this past year. Sometimes it’s quite cute.


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I’m afraid it is rather a large trend. Boyfriend jeans are selling remarkably well in the market at this moment. As are boyfriend cardigans etc. They have most certainly made it through to the mass market and currently outsell most other ‘brands’ of clothing on a regular basis in the stores I oversee on a part-time basis.

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No I’m completely opposed to women trying to look bad. How about bringing back garters, hose, skirts and heels. Women’s wear has never been about comfort. A woman should never leave the house looking like that. It’s just wrong. What’s wrong with these men letting their women leave the house like that?.
Snoop Dogg was on Martha Stewart today. The end is near.

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It doesn’t really bother me… My middle nephew already wears girl’s jeans as he feels like they show off his body better… and his girlfriend approves…

It sems to be fashionable around in his crowd .

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Your nephew wears his boyfriend’s girlfriend’s jeans?

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@SeventhSense No; he buys Girls jeans at the store…

He goes to the girls department and takes them to mens to try them on ; if they fit ..he takes them to the cashier…

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Womens clothes rarely make any sense to me. I’m glad to see the end of those unflattering smock tops that look like they were made from the old curtains my granny took down in 1974.

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@SeventhSense These women aren’t trying to look bad. I don’t think it’s the best look either, but some people don’t define attractive as “garters, hose, skirts and heels.” And men don’t own their wives, girlfriends, or otherwise – “their” women can leave the house looking any damn way they want.

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No but a woman should desire to please her man.

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@SeventhSense Sure, so long as it applies to him, too.

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@fireinthepriory So do you see females walking around in this style where you live (or do you)? Is it more of a NYC/L.A thing?

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Absolutely. It’s something that I think should be brought back. Look at this cute couple. Ok seriously dated and I’m only 42 and way before my time but it showed a respect and pride.

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@Ansible1 I do indeed! And I live in a crappy little city in MA (an hour west of Boston). I think it may be that I’m on a college campus, and it’s a younger thing. Plus it’s a hipster thing, and there are a lot of hipsters at this university.

@SeventhSense I am 100% in favor of mutual respect and pride between all couples. Those two are very cute indeed. It was just the way your phrased your original quip that made me freak out a little. I don’t think you meant it the way I took it, sorry about that.

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Its super cute with a bright cardigan. You say “over sized” and i think like super big. But whenever I have seen it ( and liked it.. ) the girls are just wearing pants that aren’t skintight like usual.

It’s a very good-girl style in my opinion.

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I like it I wear em and lots of people here wear em- cute with a cardi and long cami little shoes or connie all stars ps @seventhsense your link is broken- i get that tired of wearing garters and hose at home I def like leaving the house in jeans

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The link still works for me. Mac?
How about this casual look?

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It seems like it’s been an option as jeans for ages…

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This is funny, a woman finds something comfortable and the men are complaining.

Ralph Lauren Saturday jeans have been around for ages and they are straight leg and easy to wear. I love them.

If my husband wants me to wear skin tight, uncomfortable clothing, he better find himself a new woman.

Actually there are more boys wearing the skintight look these days and I think that is funny too, now the boys are going to be uncomfortable in the name of fashion, equality at last, heheheh. Teen age pregnancy should decline though because it can’t be good for the sperm to be that constricted and overheated!

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i actually have boyfriend pants. they are victoria secret sweat pants and i LOVE them. boyfriend jeans on the other hand…. um. no.

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GAP ran this style in khakis in 2007, and it just about closed the stores in the US. The quality of their merchandise has suffered for the last two years because of it.

The link that @FireInThePriory posted looks more like relaxed fit jeans. Here’s the spots with Claire Danes. I see they’ve reworked the style to have more fit, and are rebranded as “schoolboy khakis.”

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I love khakis too. My only problem is I live in the tropics so I never wear anything except shorts! Although it was a bad winter this year, I did wear a long sleeved shirt once or twice, but only until the sun came up, heheheh

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And no doubt he loves them on you.

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@SeventhSense you are a male yes? meh yeh but that wouldnt be stylish out here. maybe in jerry seinfeld days- no rubbishing you i respect all styles

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I’m a male yes but that look was for a female
For a woman IMHO that’s as timeless as Hepburn herself is but it’s definitely an urban look.
Personally I’d like them all to look like this but that’s just me. :)

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They’re supposedly in style right now but I personally look ridiculous in them. I’d rather do a skinny jean or something slimming.

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I love them, but can’t find any where I live. And for people who think they are too baggy, certain styles (like the kind that Gap used to carry) are still cut tight enough to show off a woman’s curves.

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@lonelydragon You can’t find them anywhere…I thought the thing with the style is you can just go to the guy’s section and pick out a pair?

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@Ansible1 I assumed the question was referring to the “boyfriend” style women’s jeans that can sometimes be found in the ladies’ section. I bought several pairs of them at Gap before they discontinued the style in my area. I’ve seen them featured in Victoria’s Secret and Alloy catalogs as well. I suppose a woman could buy jeans from the men’s section, but they’d look odd because they would be baggy in the crotch.

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@SeventhSense well thats what im expected to look like at home (er late you know) so I’m that sick of it that I like jeans

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I have a pair that I wear when I’m busy. They’re ridiculously comfortable. =}
I like them as long as they’re not cropped. I don’t like cropped jeans.
They make me think of that Dexy’s Midnight Runners video for some reason.

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Even if they are in style, people will judge you as looking sloppy if you wear them. Go for more flattering trends!

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Leave the gun Boyfriend jeans, grab the connoli Daisy Dukes.

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I am in cold weather country now, I love boyfriend styled pants and I love cargo pants too. Comfort is more important to me than fashion. No one over 6 looks good in skin tight jeans!

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