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Do women who have hourglass figures produce more estrogen?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) March 26th, 2012

Kind of a dumb question, but I was wondering, do women who have naturally large breasts, small waists, and a shapely butt have more estrogen? Rather than girls who were flat chested, had stomachs that went straight down, and flat butts? Like women with natural hourglass figures?

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I need to look this up but I’d guess that bone structure, fat distribution and body shape, in general, is a multi-variable situation. Were it not then there would be a long line of women getting put on extra estrogen.

Clearly, estrogen (and a lack of testosterone) are needed to trigger a body into becoming a woman. However, a number of facts determine the final shape.

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I don’t think so, it could be that they just eat more.

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Keep on running I’m not taling about overweight or “curvy” women as some people put it. You can be thin yet still have big boobs and a butt, a natural hourglass. Just like you can be overweight and have small boobs and flat butt. Someone like Salma Hayek who is pretty thin but has full breasts and nice tush.

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Interesting theory. I’d have to do more research.

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Opps, I meant to say *** talking not taling, this is the correction lol.

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Breast development, widening of the pelvis, and the development of adipose (fat) tissue in specific places constitute what are called the secondary sexual characteristics (the primary characteristics being, of course, the female reproductive organs). These secondary characteristics are directly influenced by the amount of estrogen produced during puberty specifically.

Estrogen levels will fluctuate for various reasons throughout a woman’s life, but won’t have nearly as much effect on her figure as during puberty.

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Yes, actually.

”..Circulating estrogen (indicative of the degree of estrogenicity lowers WHR [waist to hip ratio], whereas circulating testosterone (degree of androgenicity) increases WHR. For example, nonobese premenopausal women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) and elevated testosterone levels have higher WHRs. During menopause, the WHR rises close to that of males; however, nonobese menopausal women who take estrogen-enhancing medication have relatively lower WHR than comparable women who do not use such medication. Similarly, males suffering from hypogonadism, Klinefelter syndrome, or advanced cirrhosis (conditions associated with reduced testosterone and elevated estrogen production) have the lower WHR typically observed in normal-weight women. Men treated with estrogen for prostate cancer also develop gynoid fat distribution and lower WHRs.”

From Body shape and women’s attractiveness: The critical role of waist-to-hip ratio.

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Lady, just relax, enjoy a guy and don’t over think it. Just feel things.

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