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Why is there so much hatred in the world towards women ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) January 17th, 2012

Why is there so much hatred towards women ? Why ?

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I don’t think most western males hate women but they do (generalization here) seem to feel they are superior. That feeling has been promoted by a male dominated culture. But it makes no sense to me, men start the wars and commit most heinous crimes. They don’t appear to be innately more intelligent or capable than females. In all other species the females are more valued because they can (with the help of a couple of sperm donors) perpetuate the species. But really when you come right down to it, it does take 2 to tango so I suppose they must be equally important. It just seems to be hard for most males to come to that realization.

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There is hatred in the world to everything. There are people in this world who simply hate everything they are not. Most people feel like they are a target in one way or another.
Specifically towards sexism of women I would say that it dates back to when women were seen as very delicate and had to be kept safe and away from the “dangers of the world” during pregnancy and have been seen as incapable of doing things themselves. We know better and that women can and are just as strong and capable as men, even more so in some aspects such as pain thresholds especially. I know that this is not the same in all countries and there is still many strong segregation between men and women in non-western worlds however in these areas there also tends to be strong hatred towards gays/lesbains/basically anything that isnt a working married man. It is sad but that is the truth. Men are seen as the protectors and therefore the ones who deserve to have the rights (as far as I am aware).
I do think that people only see the hatred which is directed towards their particular sex/race/religion but if you look closer it occurs to every sex/race/religion. Its just harder to see when its not directly towards you. (I’m not saying that you may be ignorant to it, it is just harder to realize when you have to deal with the hatred towards you first).
I am female and feel no hatred directed at me and when people do hate me for being a women I do not accept their opinion. I know I am a legitimate member of society and any hatred towards me as a woman is unfounded however all races etc. are subject to some kind of hatred in one way or another, its a sad fact but thats just how the world is… Some people can not accept change or something that is not normal to them or the same as them.

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‘Cause there are too many bitter people in the world. Hatred towards men exists also… for the same reason.

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Humans have this tendency to treat anything weaker than us as a resource. The environment cannot usually defend itself against us, so we use it as a resource. The animals which cannot always defend themselves against us become resources for our consumption. People in less developed societies who cannot defend themselves against more developed societies become resources, either through physical or economic slavery.

Women generally are physically weaker than men, and therefore historically it’s been seen as okay to treat them as a resource. In almost every society, women have been bought, sold, traded and used. Women through history have almost always been slaves simply because men can use them as slaves – no thought as to if this is right or wrong.

Very recently some societies have changed. Education has become available, as has advanced medical care, and ways in which women can control their own reproduction. Suddenly some women are capable of refusing slavery, or controlling their own reproductive and physical destinies. This is understandably frightening to people who have through almost all human history been able to keep women as slaves, just as civil rights for blacks must have frightened slave owners. A good deal of men are completely fine with women now having rights and responsibilities, but there are some who are now terrified and angry, and who lash out at women attempting to exercise their rights to be considered sovereign human beings. The sad fact is, there are quite a lot of men who seem to be incapable of recognising the fact that they are not superior to women simply because they were born with dicks.

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I think there is more hatred towards men.

I feel it is true that women are many times not treated equally, and disrespected, but I don’t think men hate women. I think some men just feel superior, or have some preconceived notion about women, without really getting to know a woman as an individual. Women throughout history have been kept from pursuing education, or kept in careers that maintained the status quo of women not being “equal” to men.

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I happen to love women.

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Bitches be crazy, thats why.

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History and society. Many demographics are recovering from being oppressed in some way. I think societies are much better than the past and should only get better, but it wasn’t too long ago generation wise that certain demograpics were seen as less superior than others, and these ideologies were strong beliefs, pretty much like a religion.

Because it is so entrenched, everyone accepted it and assumed the roles the were taught and learned to take.

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Religion encourages it. Each of the major religions allows for (and to some degree encourages) the devaluation of women. Sure, there are liberals in each of the religions, so this is not across-the-board, but in most religions it is the fundamentalists that give the rest of the religion a very bad name.

Islam: women must be masked and robed. They are not allowed to drive (Saudi Arabia), they have to prove virginity and can be stoned if not. Etc. Essentially a muslim woman in a fundamentalist islamic society is worthless.

Judaism: The orthodox have prayers thanking god that men were not born as women. Women are not allowed to ride buses (or must sit in the back) when men are present. Men and women must be separated at prayer.

Catholicism does not allow women to be spiritual leaders.
Baptist: True Baptist women cannot/should not do anything but raise children,
Mormonism: traditionally the same general idea. Women are to have babies and nothing else.

Again, I recognize that there are degrees of religious adherence in all of the ones noted above, But again, the primary principle is that each of these religions devalues women in some way or another, which allows an environment of woman-hatred.

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I just saw Iron Lady, the story of 1980’s British PM, Margaret Thatcher and there is much to consider from the facts of her life. I have always puzzled how India has a female at the top, how that perceived structure of male dominancy actually is considerably and steadily recognizing women in levels of leadership. Australia is another. Canada has at least two female premiers, and the mayor of macho Fort McMurray Alberta is female.
Women who command respect in the sense of their self respect they project, no matter their level of societal influence in a democratic world especially will receive the respect. We women have been maligned by taking the low road of sexual appeal over substance. Why, for instance should female musicians in an orchestra feel the need to show off their “toobas” to play the tuba? And what is with Fairweather’s “sexy business woman” line? Men do not distinguish our mixed signals very well.

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@elbanditoroso So you equate controlling women and not giving them equal rights with hate? I think I am defining hate differently than you and the OP. I don’t think religion prescribes hatred towards women, but I do think it diminishes a womans worth in some instances, and definitely does not treat women as equals. In Judaism I think of it as women were seen as having a specific role in the family, and men had specific roles also. I don’t think religious men hate their wives. I would guess that is true in most of the religions. At the time the religions were created life was much different. Women could could not control their fertility, life was more physical, and men are physically stronger, there were all sorts of reasons religions wrote down their rules. The problem is when modern day they try to apply the rules too strictly.

I find it interesting because I hear the word hate thrown around a lot. I don’t want to take the Q down a tangent, so I won’t elaborate too much.

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Essentialism x Ego x Eurasian sky gods x Evolutionary differences = Still no reason.

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Because women are fucking crazy.

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@JLeslie – I think it’s a very thin line.

Where is the border between diminishing (even dehumanizing) a woman and hating her? If she is sub-human and not shown to have value (except as an appendage), is that a manifestation of love and respect? I would argue that it is not.

The real issue in this question is semantics. What does it mean to HATE versus disrespect or devalue? In my opinion, the two are slightly different but closely related. But your definition of Hate may be different than mine.

(Have you ever read a concise definition of LOVE? or for that matter, HATE? I don’t think that such a definition exists.)

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Because some boys have Mommy issues.~

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@JLeslie I’m having the same problem with this question as you. Is it the discrimination of the glass ceiling or the rape squads in Africa. I’m not sure which way to go with this. @Jude :) maybe that’s it.

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@JLeslie I had a similar conversation with someone who suggested most whites didn’t really hate blacks in the American past, but only used them as an economic tool. I understood this notion, but that doesn’t account for the vitriol towards blacks afterwards. If it’s no longer legal to use them as a tool only, why was there such a problem accepting them still.

Although lowering someone’s status doesn’t equal hate, I think the superiority sometimes blurs with hate (but I think most of the time they are similar when it comes to these things).

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We live in patriarchal societies. Men are valued higher than women. Some men regard women as nothing more than chattel.

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@marinelife That hurts so bad. It’s not fair. It’s true but it’s not fair.

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Women aren’t hard to figure out, by the way.

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I’m sorry, @Adirondackwannabe. I know that it’s not true of all men. But if you just look at the statistics of violence against women:

“approximately one out of every three women worldwide will be beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. In some countries, it’s up to 70 percent.” Source.

“In 2005, 1,181 women were murdered by an intimate partner.1 That’s an average of three women every day. Of all the women murdered in the U.S., about one-third were killed by an intimate partner.2”

“According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, which includes crimes that were not reported to the police, 232,960 women in the U.S. were raped or sexually assaulted in 2006. That’s more than 600 women every day.6 Other estimates, such as those generated by the FBI, are much lower because they rely on data from law enforcement agencies. A significant number of crimes are never even reported for reasons that include the victim’s feeling that nothing can/will be done and the personal nature of the incident.7”Source

It is not fair to women.

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@Blackberry @Adirondackwannabe @elbanditoroso It does seem to be a thin or blurry line. I think when people are accused of hate they get very defensive when in their minds they do not see themselves as hating. I don’t think a man would ever want to be accused of hating his daughter because he expected her to get married rather than pursue a career, that is probably a cultural attitude. And, right now in America there are anti gay marriage people offended they are being accused of hating gay people, when they don’t believe themselves to be hateful. Very interesting. Thanks for your answers.

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They’re so damn crazy, that’s why. Duh.

Oh woops, that joke’s been done twice already, my mistake. ~

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We will probably never know why it got started. But, it’s been institutionalized for thousands of years, usually with lots of religious excuses like “but Eve ate the fruit and caused the downfall of Man”.

@JLeslie When I use misogyny (and, to the best of my knowledge, when professional feminists use it), it doesn’t have to mean hate in this red-faced, angry way. It can totally mean, devalue and reduce to ‘less than’ in a non-loving way. To me, that’s a kind of hate. Which is why when men say stuff like “not me, I love my wife/mother/daughter/sister”, I wanna be like “yeah, not really what we’re talking about here, since you also consider many feminine things to be ‘less than’”.

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I think it has to do with how a man sees women in his life. Does he see them as his weakness, or as his burden or as his strength.
The first two breed contempt.
The last one, love.

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If they just stayed in the kitchen where they belong then we wouldn’t have so many problems…

I think a lot of it spawns from old school ideals and the older generations. I see women and men as equals in all parts and it troubles me that some folks just see it as their “duty” to be one way or the other. I don’t think it exists as much in the city as it does in the burbs or country but what do I know? I am a white male, I only feel the effects of all the assholes that want to whisper racist and sexist jokes to me, which to me are funny when they are being told by someone who does not believe them but in this case…..
I know that I am doing my best to raise my daughter without gender classifications. I do an equal part of housework and laundry and cooking as well as fixing things and all of societies other “genderized role” duties. I am traditional but I don’t know if that spawns so much from sexism, I’d lay my coat down over the mud for my guy friends also.
Mostly I think that some men just let their ego’s take over and feel threatened by women. Especially women that are more educated and don’t take shit from them.

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I’m not so sure about this stereotype when you consider all of the things that men are still expected to do despite the post-feminist movement in the year 2012. Men are also more likely to become a victim of sexual crimes (yes this is true), violent crimes and combined with the fact that womens’ issues tend to receive much more attention than mens’ issues today.

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@Paradox25 Uh, are you sure about that?

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It comes down to the fear of losing power and authority.

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@Blackberry Sure about what? It is a fact that men are far more the victims of those types of crimes than women. I also don’t see where I’m wrong about womens’ issues receiving more attention than those that affect men.

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@Paradox25 Oh, I was inquiring about sexual crimes.

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@Blackberry Prisoners. I don’t have the link at the moment but this surprised me as well when I read it but I got to go to work. I’ll try to find it later.

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The hatred is towards humans in general.
And, as previously stated, bitches are crazy.

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@Keep_on_running “that joke’s been done twice already, my mistake. ~”


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Yep bitches, oops perhaps women would be more appropriate term, are crazy that is why they are out there starting wars, killing themselves and others in pursuit of 92 virgins, raping, pillaging, committing serial murders, molesting little girls and boys, etc. etc. etc. Yep yep, no doubt about women are the crazy ones.

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It has been my general experience that men don’t hate women…for the most part. There are a very few who do but they generally have larger problems in life than just that.

The very same can be said about women who hate men.

I choose to hang with the lovers and not the haters.

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Can you give us some specific examples of hatred you’ve encountered? Are you speaking of religious extremists, such as the Arab world, who make women dress all in black and cover their faces? Or do you mean all the asshats you meed in nightclubs? Who? Where?

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The only place I have I have ever been where there is true hatred of women is the Middle East. You have not seen hatred toward women until you have spent time in Saudi Arabia and other ME countries. That is a fact. If you have been there you know. If you have not, you don’t know what you are talking about.
Certainly, Westerners have some condescending paternalistic antipathy toward women, but nothing like what you see in SA, Iran, Iraq etc.
So when it comes to true hatred of women, I suggest we all call a spade a spade. The center of the Universe of misogyny is East of the Jordan and West of India. And interestingly enough, the Western Women’s Movement continues to be agnostic about whom their true enemies really are.

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@saint – I actually do know what I’m talking about, I was in Iraq. And my cousin lives in Kuwait, she married an Egyptian man. I read a lot of the news and watch a lot of documentaries and movies. It’s really sad. I just finished watching one about Juarez, and all the women being murdered there. That movie is what prompted me to ask the question. Plus other things I see and hear on the news. Like the war in the congo (but there’s hatred there towards everyone, men too).

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@HungryGuy – I don’t think women wearing the black veils is considered hatred, I was talking about murders, rapes, etc.

I’m talking about different things I’ve read and seen on the news.

Asshats at nightclubs? No. I don’t go to clubs so I don’t even know what jerks or people are there. I was talking about things like women who get their clitoris cut off so they don’t masturbate. Or what happens in the congo, where everyone is a victim, but the women even more so. Or all the murders in Juarez, Mexico. Or the continuation of people calling women bitches or whores. Or domestic violence. Things like that. I can’t explain all of them.

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Women are hated by the crazy men who drive them crazy then use women’s secondary craziness to justify men’s primary craziness.

However, like with any minority, the worst oppressors of women are other women. So is there any question why they go nuts?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Oh no, I’m serious. Between being so damn crazy and being in the kitchen, I have just no time whatsoever for jokes.

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@partyrock – I am sick and tired of the bitch and whore name calling as well and why are women being called crazy? And the “joke” above about women should stay in the kitchen where they belong. It all makes me sick. It is a strange sort of humor. Women are not being oppressed by other women. Women sometimes make jokes about themselves. I am not fond of it but I suppose it is like a black person calling themselves a nigger. Now I can hear the ohhhhhh, she said the “N” word. That is still taboo and not PC but whore and bitch and cunt are completely acceptable in fluther and society in general.

I still don’t think hatred of women is a prevalent feeling in western society (obviously eastern society is a different situation) but judging by the answers above, equality and respect are still a long way off.

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@partyrock I’m not sure if clitoris removal is hate or just uneducated cultural and religious horrific bullshit. Same with the cultures who force feed young girls so they plump up, I would be suicidal under those conditions. I guess it goes back to how we define hate.

I’m not even sure if every man who rapes a woman hates women, definitely some do, or if they are just selfish, uncontrolled, sociopaths, who feel entitled. No matter what it was an act of violence for the woman, I would never argue that, but for the man, he obviously does not respect women, and has boundary issues at minimum; but that same guy might be a cocky asshole in general in life towards men and women. I think by wondering why women are hated, some women might see it as saying what are we doing wrong? Because for me the men who are hated are doing things wrong. They are lying and cheating and treating women like property and physically abusive and on and on.

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@partyrock – That’s a whole lot of unrelated questions, IMO.

“Female Circumcision” as it’s called probably has its roots in religious dogma in uncivilized parts of the world. I think there are lots of people and organizations working to educate people to end this barbaric practice.

Central and South America (and Mexico)? The whole place is just overrun with militias and gangsters due to drugs and corrupt governments. Nobody is safe there! Perhaps that’s oversimplified and someone will flame me for saying so, but that’s the gist if it.

Rapes and murders? Horrific crimes to be sure! But if you look at crime statistics per capita, the rates of such crimes have been in decline for decades as the world becomes more prosperous and civilized. For example, in a population of 100 people you may have a 5% crime rate, i.e. 5 crimes occur in an average year. In a population of 10,000 people, you may have a 2% crime rate, i.e., 200 crimes occur in an average year. Fox news will scream that crimes have risen from 5 to 200 crimes a year, even though, individually, we are less likely to be a crime victim by a few percent.

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Very often hatred is the result of fear. Only a small percentage of men worldwide (still millions in absolute numbers) feel threatened by women. For example when women are smarter, better educated and more flexible in a rapidly changing world and therefore more successful. Many traditionally male jobs are now better handled by machines for example.

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