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What is the UK’s equal to the BBB here in the US?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) March 28th, 2012

In the UK when a business fails to honor a warranty, is deceptive on their shipping, sends the wrong Item and doesn’t correct it, fails to honor a loan after you paid the SWIFT fees, or sold you defective merchandise, etc, who do you report them to? If you wanted to check out the reputation of a UK business before doing business with them where would you look?

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Which? is one of the primary ones.

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To report a grievance you would normally go to The Trading Standards Authority

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You can read about consumer rights in the UK here

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@SuperMouse The US Better Business Bureau maybe. I don’t think they have much sway once you get from the borders of the US.

@RareDenver To report a grievance you would normally go to The Trading Standards Authority Is there a way to see if a company has gotten a lot of negative entries on that site? Is there a UK scam busters etc? If you wanted to check a company or business for how many negative marks they have, would you use that site?

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No. That is a government agency that is tasked with ensuring companies play by the rules and to prosecute when necessary. I’m not aware that they keep a public record though, they may, I’m just not aware of it.

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@RareDenver Only UK citizen get to lodge a complaint?

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I think it just has to be a company doing business in the UK.

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