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What are some ways that your computer habits have influenced your non-computer activities?

Asked by Brian1946 (29160points) March 29th, 2012

E.g., I was writing myself a note that contains the word “occasional”, and I momentarily forgot how to spell it.

After writing the word, I lifted my pen from the paper and expected to see it underlined in red if I misspelled it, and then I realized that the sheet of paper isn’t loaded with Firefox spell-check. ;-p

Have you ever said “LOL” while you were actually laughing out loud?

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I find it almost impossible to read for any length of time; I keep jumping up to check for e-mail or Fluther. This is a bit off-question but also, when I have been using my iPad for any length of time, I come home and start touching my desktop screen.

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Not quite related I guess but…when I go to the bank to use the machines and have to wait in line for years as someone is going about their business…I’m like, Christ, what is taking so long? Are they surfing the net on that damn thing, or what?

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Occasionally I’ll make a joke referring to a meme or some other internet joke, forgetting that not everyone is aware of every internet joke I’ve seen. I’m such a loser.

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I no longer use phone books.

The library has become the place of last resort for research. I always start on the net now.

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I see everything in 64² renderbuckets with GI prepasses.

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@Blackberry I said I see everything in 64² renderbuckets with GI prepasses.

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I suppose my very limited typing skills that I picked up from using a keyboard have aided me by making it easier to use my new phone with the QWERTY controls. It made an intimidating task less so.

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I almost never chat with friends on the phone any more.

I never write letters to people any more. I had one last friend that used to communicate with me via occasional notes back and forth. When I joined FB, a few years ago, we stopped the notes but we don’t communicate via pm’s on FB either, so in essence, we’re FB friends but with no personal communications.

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I masturbate with my left hand.

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I say “lol” sometimes and I use memetic words and phrases like “butthurt” a lot.

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Sometimes I answer the phone with Hello this is dog.

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When fingering the wife I sometimes find myself “typing out” roflmao on & near her clit.
I’ve gotten faster at typing, the wife is really impressed.

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Only you could relate something as mundane as computers back to fingering @ucme;)

I’ve said “lol” out loud a few times, I admit. It’s also probably affected my attention span more than I give it credit for.

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@Keep_on_running I can hear the dissenting voices amongst the computer geek community as they frown over the “mundane computers” remark. Me, I just let my fingers do the talking.

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I can’t write with a pen or pencil. Seriously, my hand cramps up and I can’t even read what I just wrote.

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@ucme Baha, yeah, after I wrote that I thought maybe I’d get some backlash. I love computers.

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I hardly ever visit libraries any more, and I never use travel agents to book a holiday.

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Every now and then I forget, and get burned by the fact that my textbooks don’t have a ctrl + f function.

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What is this testing thing you keep doing?

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