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What would I do with my middle school suspension?

Asked by BeanAc (65points) March 29th, 2012

I created a fake profile for a girl at my school using pictures and filled out her interests and sent messages under her name. None of them were bad, just compliments to other people and stuff. She reported it to the school and the principal, VP, and guidance counselor interview all 29 friends on the profile and anyone mentioned or involved. She did the same for me in 6th grade (creating a fake profile) and in 8th grade, I did the same to her. Once they threatened to call the police, I told them which was 3 hours after they interviewed. I had three hours but I never confessed. Nothing bad happened on her account, it was just active for a month. I got two days of suspension and phone calls home. My parents are really disappointed and the VP and principal and guidance counselor hate me. I know they do because I lied to their faces and wasted their time and you can just tell. I apologized to the family and we are on good terms now, but I’m scared about the consequences. My parents aren’t happy at all and there is a possible police complaint. I’m not worried about that since they weren’t that threatening with it, but it still bothers me. I’m so confused and I have no idea what to do! I want everything to be okay and I know it will be in a week or two but I’m worried at the moment because it recently happened. My friends and the school don’t really care; it’s mostly the supervisors, teachers, and punishment I’m worried about. Also my parents! What do I say and do to calm myself and how should I talk to the strict principal about how this was all a mistake so I won’t be severely punished?

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You did the crime, now you have to do the time.
You are not going to get much sympathy from me.

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Why do you feel like you don’t deserve punishment? You certainly do. It’s not the end of the world, though it might feel like it right now. But you did something wrong with malice of forethought. Then you lied about it. You’re scared of the consequences now when the time for that would have been before you committed this piece of ridiculousness. Your best bet is to show your maturity by taking your punishment that you deserve without a whimper, and learn a lesson. The best lessons learned are generally the hardest ones.

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1. Don’t ever create a fake profile or post fake things on the Web about someone again.

2. Tell the principal and the guidance counselor that you have learned your lesson, and you won’t ever do it again. Tell them that you have apologized to the girl and her family.

3. Then hope for the best.

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The VP, principal and the guidance counselor do not hate you. They are professionals and may be disappointed and annoyed but that is to be expected. You did something at best silly and at worst what could have turned out to have been damaging to the girl.

You say that “the school doesn’t (sic) care.” The school is the student body, teachers, administration plus the girl’s parents.

Calling the principal strict isn’t helpful. He is acting appropriately. You need to ride this out, take what the school metes out and learn an important lesson for the future. The punishment will fit the crime; it will be over and you will have a clean slate.

My son was suspended in the seventh grade for two weeks when he sold some pot on a camping trip. And my daughter was suspended for one week, also in seventh grade, for buying one joint at an evening play and splitting it with a friend. The friend’s sister turned them in. My husband (my kids step-father) was the headmaster of the school.)

Once it was over, it was over. They turned out fine…more than fine, as it happens.

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What you wrote would be easier to read if you used paragraphs.

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Ok, you made a stupid move and you got caught. Trust me, none of us were complete angels at your age, either. Apologize to the people involved, tell them you’ve learned from your mistakes (if you sincerely have), and would never do anything like this again. Then take the suspension and whatever punishment your parents decide on with grace. I promise, you will get through this.

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When the suspension is over and you are back at school you need to become a model student. Very polite, honest, studious, and humble.

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Your laptop should probably be taken away and shot by a gun-totting redneck.

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I would recommend using the time to question your sense of entitlement.

You’re young, but you’ll have to grow out of that eventually.

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What you did is seriously creepy and inappropriate. It’s not that people hate you, it’s that the school officials are responsible for applying reasonable penalties for inappropriate behavior.

They don’t hate you because you lied to them, but they can’t trust you because you lied to them. You have a long way to go before you build up any credibility with them. Lying to them about what you did should increase your punishment substantially; I know I would if I were the one questioning you about this severe error in judgment.

My advice? Take your suspension and ponder responsible and reasonable behavior. Accept your punishment uncomplainignly, because it certainly sounds like you earned it. When you return to school, stop doing creepy and inappropriate things.

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