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How long will it take a recently-pierced ear to close up?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) March 29th, 2012

I just got my ears double pierced, and one side is higher than the other. Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem, I’m sure, but I’m thinking of getting a third pair right above the second. There’s probably not enough room for a third piercing on the higher side without touching cartilage so I’m thinking of taking the earring out and letting the hole close back up before getting it re-pierced. I just got them done today. If I took the earring out now, how long should I wait before trying to pierce the area again?

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What did they tell you at the place where you got your ears pierced?

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@Trillian They told me how long it would take the piercing to heal. I know it takes less time for a recently pierced hole to close up, so that’s why I’m asking, because it doesn’t seem like the same thing.

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It should close and be healed in 2–3 weeks.

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Yeah, ok. Sorry, totally different thing and though 3 weeks is the standard answer, you may get away with re-piercing sooner. Check with the shop. You wouldn’t want the holes to overlap and be longer on one side.

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Remove the plug immediately. It should heal up in a couple weeks at the longest. Then ask how soon you can get a new piercing. Don’t try to make it a shorter process than it is. Be patient.

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Very fast if it was just done today. Within 10 days most likely. It will heal like any cut. I decided to let a second hole close within a few days of piercing and you would never know I had one. The hole in the other ear, which I used for several years, I only put an earing in about every 5 years now, and it is always open, that little tiny hole.

I would wait a month to repierce.

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