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What is there to do in Columbia, Missouri?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) April 1st, 2012

I’m moving to Columbia in roughly two months. I’m looking for adventure and spice in my life. Do you know of any hidden gems in Columbia?

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I hear they roll up the sidewalks at 9 pm, so you might want to take your own entertainment.

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It is not a really active town.

You can visit the Shyrocks Callaway Farm. In the fall, it has a corn maze or hay rides for groups.

The Twin Lakes recreation area is 60 acres of swimming, boating, nature walks, etc.

There are several State Parks around including Finger Lakes, which has ATV trails and mountain biking. There is also the Big Muddy Fish and Wildlife Refuge on the Missouri River.

There are several museums and art galleries. (Museum of anthropology, Museum of History and Archaeology, Walters-Boone Country Historical Museum).

There is shopping at the Columbia Mall.

It is the home of the University of Missouri.

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A good friend was there for a few years and said the nearby spelunking (caving) is great.

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Here is a list of 9 interesting attractions in Columbia, MO, from

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College stuff. Missouri moves pretty slow in most cases

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