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Is there a way to revert to the web version of fluther from an iPhone or iPad?

Asked by Judi (39784points) April 2nd, 2012

I can’t flag a question from the mobile versions and I feel an overwhelming responsibility to report spam, which flies in the face of my lazy butt not wanting to get out from under my warm blankets to go to the PC and do it. why can’t I figure out how yo get the web version on my iPad?

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Go to your browser – Safari – and put in

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I have an iPad and it browses the standard desktop version ( My iPhone, however, redirects to the mobile site ( You might want to try one of the alternative browsers on you iPhone to see if you can spoof the user agent string. This is standard stuff in Android. Damn iOS (waves fist)!

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@janbb, that’s what I’m doing and it redirects it to the mobile version. @tom_g, I’ll try that.
When I first got the iPad it seemed to work fine. Now it doesn’t even auto suggest user names after the @ symbol anymore.

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@Judi – Try clearing Safari’s history, cookies, and data on your iPad (in settings).

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@tom_g, googling fluther and going through the link worked. Thanks for your help. I got that nasty spam flagged.

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Aha – got it.

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FYI: Dr. J is your nemesis on the iDevice.

Use the tabs to navigate and do not click on Dr. J to go home. He leads you to the iFluther site every time. (Ben rigged him. ;) )

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