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My iPod Touch is having WiFi issues?

Asked by pshizzle (1100points) April 2nd, 2012

When I am at school, I try to connect to the WiFi. Usually it comes up with a “Log In” page saying something with three options. They are “continue, see details, and cancel.” When I hit “continue, and then “connect” on the Linksys page, it then closes and I have WiFi. Now, it just goes straight to the connecting page, and when I click it, it either doesn’t give me WiFi or it says I’m connected but I don’t recieve the WiFi.

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First question is.. have you tried turning your iPod off? Often weird things happen, apps get wonky, or whatever.. first thing you should try is shutting it off and restarting it. To do this, you hold down the ‘off’ button at the top at the same time you hold down the ‘home’ button, until the iPod asks if you want to shut off. Let it do its thing, then hold down the ‘off’ button to turn it back on. See if the issue is resolved.

If not, one thing I would try is going into your WiFi settings and have the iPod ‘forget this network’. I have not had this issue, myself, but this is the next thing that I would try. It’s possible that some network setting got wonky. Once the network is purged from your iPod, try reconnecting and see if that helps.

If neither of these work, sorry. That’s all I got for ya. :)

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I expect that someone at the school has finally wised up to students logging on to the WiFi and have finally added some minimal security to disallow that.

We have WiFi throughout the building where I work, but if you don’t have pre-authorized access, you are not going to log on.

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@CWOTUS – The three schools I last attended had campus-wide WiFi intended for student use. I imagine it’s pretty common these days, now that we do much of our researching and project work online, not to mention communication with professors and other students.

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@MissAnthrope I have tried all of those things with no luck.
@CWOTUS This has been happening all year while other students have perfect WiFi access.
@MissAnthrope (again) This is a high school, but I am one of few that are having this technical issue.

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Well, since I just (this morning!) learned how to avoid the interminable “Updating Library” message that was preventing me from accessing some of my files, try a “forced power shutdown”.

It’s different from the way you would normally turn off the iPod. Press and hold the sleep / wake button on the top (I’m talking the top of the iPod Touch, anyway). Hold it down until a red slider appears and slide that to the right to “power off”. Turn it on a minute or so later and see if that has corrected anything.

This issue had been bugging me for a long time with my iPod. I felt like an idiot that it took me so long to discover the fix.

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