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Is there a certain song that defines your life in the past?

Asked by jehnstewart (358points) April 3rd, 2012

Some of my favorite songs ever remind me of some parts of my life I don’t like to think about too much and although I love the song, I can’t listen to it anymore.

Mine is: Broken Vow by Lara Fabian

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Mine was Queen Somebody to Love. Luckily, its not any more.

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There you go…...... it’s a shit song, but the title accurately reflects my answer.

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The Old Man Down the Road

at least the local juvenile delinquents think so.

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The Four Seasons….......

Oh What A Night Late December back in ‘63.

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Hank Jr.‘s Family Tradition comes to mind.

they ask me, @Blondesjon why do you drink . . .

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Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon.

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Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses. Two guys I know sung this to me repeatedly when I was 16. Six months later one of them was dead (he had been killed by a drunk driver). When ever I hear this song I think about Brad. For years after I cried every time I heard it.

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Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue

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@Cruiser HUGE Norah fan.

Mine would be…Mouthwash

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Love Will Tear Us Apart was one of my favorite songs during freshman year of college. I was dating a very laid-back philosophy major who played the drums, and we used to smoke up and hang out on his roof listening to joy division. It was an awesome time, but I was such an entitled little shit back then. I really don’t know how anyone dealt with me. I still love the song, but it makes me think about being eighteen and I involuntarily cringe for the way I acted back then.

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When I hear Wooden Ships I’m suddenly 18 years old again. Man what long strange trip life has been for me.

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This one still stops me in my tracks. I had this song for a long time but never listened to it much, one night when it was starting to hit how the relationship I was in was destroying me this song came up on my mp3 player as I rode my bike back to our apartment. It eerily fit my entire life and feeling at that time, even down to the line about a second floor apartment. I’ve listened to it literally hundreds of times since.

Voxtrot – Ghost “And now I know I never knew about you, only me, we carry this inside like some disease we couldn’t beat.” “I have no choice but to be vicious on my feet, I never sleep, I never eat, I am learning how to be lost completely. I want to be found, we crave the things we push away, these patterns cut like everyday, I need you to reach, I need you to need me.” “I don’t ever wanna be alone like this, haunted by the presence of the things I miss. No I am becoming the ghost of myself”

These ones were from a rough year.
Rancid – Old Friend “Good mornin’ heartache, you’re like an old friend, come and see me again”
The Frames – What happens when the heart just stops (Just this version of this song, intro story and all.)

There’s countless others. I always say music is where I keep my memories.

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Control – Janet Jackson

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Laid by James:

One obsessive affair after another.

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