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What is your preference in regards to these fish aquariums?

Asked by Jude (32152points) April 3rd, 2012

I am going for the tank style. Not what’s in it.

Biube pics

Biorb pics

or Biorb Life pics

I am having a hard time deciding on which tank to go with. It will be for salt water fish.

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Knowing your style, I’d say the Life (last one) would go nicely in your place.
Cool choices! I don’t think you would go wrong with any of them

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Ooo, the Life one!

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Love ‘em all and miss ours. The saltwater didn’t work out, though. The bigger fish always ate the smaller ones and at $75 per fish? No way.
My preference is the larger the tank the better.

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I’d go for the one that plays the Imperial March. But maybe that’s just because I prefer John Williams’ music over most fish.

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While they look nice most of those tanks will turn into a headache. With the round ones, hanging a filter on it will just ruin the effect. The life one is nice but its got a very small opening so gettin in it to clean is going to drive you nuts. I would look into red sea max and biocubes. Theyre nice all in one systems and come in sizes ranging from 8g to 60g.

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It has been a while since I last worked with salt or fresh water fish, but I remember for salt water fish needing to have a fairly large tank. It had to do with the larger amounts of water being easier to keep at an appropriate salt level.

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Listen to @uberbatman. He knows whereof he speaks.

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thanks :)

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The Life one – does it come with that music? I like that one best. Go for it.

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@CWOTUS How is that helpful?

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@CWOTUS Are you always an ass?

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