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How soon after putting a couple of angelfish into your aquarium should you feed them?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11141points) September 20th, 2013

Just added a couple of angelfish to my aquarium. How soon should I feed them?

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They can eat once or twice a day, so go ahead and feed them within fifteen minutes, they just need a few minutes to settle in.

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I used to try to leave them alone for a day after putting them in. No scientific reason for that but I figured they’d had enough stress for the day. They can also find stuff in the tank if they get hungry.

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I remember that if you are adding new fish to an already established tank, feeding them just before you dump them in aids as a distraction.

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Whenever I acclimate new fish I tend to not feed them the first night and start feeding in the morning.

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Feed them about 15–30 mins after, so they have time to Get cozy in the tank, don’t feed them right away, they won’t eat.

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